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Last updated: January 22, 2018

How-To: Effortlessly Romantic Upstyle

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Winning praise wherever she goes, the star of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Daisy Ridley captivated onlookers with her effortlessly romantic look at the Shanghai, China premiere of the film. To create the look, Joico tapped celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica, owner of the Robert Vetica Salon. Robert describes the look as “Goth Romance.” “Many books, movies, songs, paintings and sculptures fall into the gothic romance genre. It’s moody, it’s sexy, it’s feminine but not fussy, there’s elements to it that are almost Victorian,” notes Robert. “I’ve been working with her since about April of 2014, and would have to say that this was possibly one of the more regally-youthful looks we’ve done with her.” 


“For tonight on Daisy, I used a curling iron because I feel it allows the look to appear more modern, and a little bit softer. I also have more control when I’m the one handling the iron as opposed to having each strand of hair be the exact same size and then walking away while the rollers form to the hair,” notes Robert. “It’s nice to be able to control the heat as well as the size and position of the curl to really customize it.”


Here, Robert shares how to recreate his striking upstyle in your salon.  


Artist: Robert Vetica
Manufacturer: Joico, @joico

Products Used



For a long-lasting style, spray Joico’s FLIP TURN VOLUMIZING SPRAY from roots to tips before beginning anything else. “I don’t like ‘helmety’ hair, or anything that makes it stiff and unrealistic. I felt like this product was like a volumizer, a hairspray and a thermal protectant, all in one—amazing,” shares Robert. “We really did flip her hair over and spray…I love how literal the product name is!”


Blow-dry the hair for a little extra volume, as the hair will already be pretty voluminous from using the product. “For me, it’s all about getting underneath each section of hair if you’re blowing it out for volume purposes, and then lifting it up and away from the head,” notes Robert.


TIP: If you want more volume from your hair, never flatten it by drawing the hair brush over the surface of the hair, rather insert the brush into the underside of each section and direct the airflow from the hair dryer from above while continuously lifting it up and away.


Have her flip her head and focus on the roots for about 10 minutes on a low to almost no-heat setting. As the hair gets more shape and body, add Joico’s HAIR SHAKEfor just a little added texture and volume. “You really don’t want the hair to fall flat in this look, and the more products you use like this the better, because the hair WILL fall later on. This spray is almost like a salt spray texturizer mixed with a dry shampoo,” says Robert.


Divide the hair into three sections—top, middle and nape—and clip the sections up before shaping the hair with a ½ -inch barrel curling iron.


Loosely tease each section at the root for a good solid base. The shape of brush you choose will play a major part in the end result. If you’re going for volume and for sleekness, Robert likes to use both a boar bristle brush and a paddle brush to smooth it out so the hair doesn’t look frizzy or wire-y.


Use the curling iron and hold it in an asymmetrical pattern to create a more natural-looking style, then roll the hair outward, away from the face. Begin tucking and pinning, creating this free-flowing, but structured bun in the back of the head.


While you’re doing that, pin the hair and aim for it to hit the crown of the head so that it can sit in place and take the desired shape. As the night goes on, it will fall a LITTLE bit below that, but the crown of the head is a good target to aim for when crating this look.


Once the bun is fully set, begin pulling out a few strands from the twists in her bun so that they aren’t as tight, giving it a modern, youthful appearance.


Stretch certain pieces and pull using your fingers the hair that frames the face. Do not pull the hair that is part of the bun. “You don’t want it to be too ‘matchy matchy’ perfect, that’s like bad prom hair, and you want the opposite of that,” shares Robert.  


Apply Joico’s K-PAK COLOR THERAPY DRY OIL SPRAY onto a teasing comb and go over any flyaways around the face, smoothing out certain areas of the bun so that some parts are a bit more sheen, but it’s not an overall effect.


Once the style is complete, mist Joico FLIP TURN VOLUMIZING SPRAYall over to set the finished style and give the look extra durability.

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