Last updated: October 11, 2021


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Is it weird to want to eat a hair color? Asking for a friend…That is how we…uh, they…felt when seeing this stunning chocolate cinnamon balayage by Jess Aguilar (@thenewenglandstylist). We reached out for all of the details on formulas and pricing. Scroll through for everything you need to recreate this look. 


Total chair time: 4 hours


1. Who is the ideal client candidate for this?

“This look is definitely for someone that wants to add a little spice to their life, but also doesn’t want a long term change. Reds of all kinds can require routine maintenance and good at home care. I also believe this color may be good for someone that wants to test the waters with red, but may not want to go full on fiery and vivid,” says Jess. Jess doesn’t recommend this color for a client who is looking for something low-maintenance or cannot commit to a less frequent hair washing schedule. 



2. What does maintenance require for this look?

At-home care for this look consists of minimal washing the hair as little as possible in cooler water. “The longevity of this color depends on how often the client washes their hair and if they are using good quality products such as color-safe shampoo and conditioner and thermal protection when styling,” says Jess.


3. What does pricing look like for this technique?

“The pricing for this look depends on various factors, such as whether the hair has been previously lightened or if you need to lighten it.
The amount of product used based on the density of the clients’ hair is also a factor when determining a price this for service,” explains Jess.


Who Did It

Colorist: Jess Aguilar

Products Used



1. Using a foilyage placement technique to keep the hair rooted and dimensional, lighten hair with Formula A. Process until desired level is reached.


2. Rinse, shampoo and apply Formula B to pre-lightened hair. 


3. Process for 25 minutes.


4. Rinse with cool water, condition and style as desired.