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Last updated: February 06, 2018

Blonde Panel-Painted Lob

By Ivan Hernandez

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Whether styled wavy or straight, this blonde panel-painted lob from Connecticut-based stylist Ivan Hernandez (@justhairobsession) is stunning from all angles. Oh, and it’s super on-trend, too! Want to know how he did it? Get all the details below!


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Total chair time: 2.5 hours


Balayage: $200
Cut: $65
Total: $265; “My cut and balayage combo starts at $265, and it includes a styling tutorial and product knowledge,” shares Ivan.


Who Did It

Manufacturer: @prettylittleombre; b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, @brazilianbondbuilder; Oligo Professionnel

Products Used




1. Starting in the front, take V sections and apply Formula A using the @prettylittleombre Paint Pack Brushes. Lightly feather the lightener toward the root area to create a soft, defused blend. “I paint wide sections to give me that high-contrast dimension,” says Ivan. 


Note: When sectioning, Ivan says he goes about an inch past the ears in brick layers to give him enough coverage in the back without having to paint the entire back. 



2. Once you reach the ends, continue applying Formula A for more brightness/saturation in this area.


3. At the bowl, tone with Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Blue Shampoo. Then, rinse. 


4. Blow-dry, then style as desired.