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Last updated: January 19, 2018

Blonde Balayage + Icy Money Piece

By Ivan Hernandez

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How talented is Ivan Hernandez (@justhairobsession)—we love BOTH of these images, but we’re super sold on that money piece in the after shot! Ivan started with gorgeous balayage in his client’s first session, then when she came back, he gave her even brighter balayage and a poppin’ money piece. Find out how the Connecticut-based stylist did it!


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Total chair time: 2½ hours

Pricing: $285 (For balayage and cut)


Who Did It

Products Used



1. Starting at the temple, apply Formula A on three thin sections using the @prettylittleombre Paint Pack Brushes. Do this on both sides of the head for a subtle application. “The three sections were heavily saturated and separately wrapped in Saran Wrap to provide maximum lift,” shares Ivan.


2. Continue applying Formula A throughout the entire head. For a soft blend, lightly feather the formula up toward the roots.


3. Once you reach the front, paint a strong money piece by heavily applying Formula A. 


4. At the bowl, tone with Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Blue Shampoo. Then, rinse. 


5. Blow-dry, curl the hair using a 1¼ inch BaByliss Pro curling iron, then finish the style with Kenra Professional Alcohol-Free Shaping Spray 21