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Last updated: April 29, 2012

Street Glam by Carmody Homan

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Street Glam by Carmody Homan

Graffiti ignites the cortex, furiously pulling your eyes into dozens of directions at once in a frantic effort to simultaneously convey anger, pride, rebellion, joy. Like a hairdresser, the graffiti artist might plan out how to bring his vision to life ahead of time, but once immersed in the act, impulse and instinct take over.

Relevant Hair’s Street Glam collection draws inspiration from graffiti, from the elements at work when the medium was born and from striking moments since. So—Salt-N-Pepa, Blade Runner, John Galliano, Lady Gaga, bowler hats and punk milestones can all be glimpsed in one manifestation or another.

The backdrop is The Mars Bar, one of New York’s most notorious dives and a perfect place to convey urgency and disdain. Undercutting, strongly distressed fringes and rigid, textured graduation support acid-toned hues, all sported by models adorned in pitch-perfect Material Girl and Sprouse-ian fashion.

Eat your heart out Sid & Nancy!

Carmody Homan @ Relevant Hair
Makeup & Fashion: Tasha Homan @ Relevant Hair
Hair products: Redken
Makeup: Smashbox
Location: Mars Bar, NYC
model: Sheilagh Lichtenfels, Elite NYC
photographer: Yonathon Baraki
website: relevanthair.com


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