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Last updated: September 23, 2010

Sam Villa’s Playful Texture Collection

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Sam Villa’s Playful Texture Collection

Sam Villa Presents Playful Texture

Women want smooth finishes that explode with volume, it’s about choices and they want to have it all. Adaptability and versatility are the key–natural to accessorized, softly sleek to loose and natural, or wild and curly. The feel is sexy and glamorous, baroque-esque, rich and sumptuous.  Curls have cascaded back into fashion and are the perfect accessory as artificial texture becomes a big story. Thermal tools and sets are used in unconventional ways to create romantic multi-textured finishes. The beauty is, any style can be transformed by introducing a variety of special textural effects.

Today’s looks are governed by imagination, not rules.  Think artificial texture to create today’s modern glamour on the edge. Remember…it’s not about doing what’s already been done… it’s about creating a modern version.

The Textured Curl technique is created by compressing the entire head with the Sam Villa Signature Series TEXTUR™ texturizing iron. To protect hair from heat, apply Redken Iron Silk 07 on each section before applying heat. Then, twist random sections over the barrel of curling iron and pin. Comb out with hands and allow textured curls to tumble freely.

View the Product: Sam Villa Signature Series TEXTUR™ Iron

Photo Credits
Photographer: Xander
Model: Kaila–Emmanuelle Models
Hair: Sam Villa

Get the DVD: Sam Villa Artificial Texture


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