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Last updated: May 06, 2010

NAHA Nominee Chad Seale’s Twigs Collection

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NAHA Nominee Chad Seale’s Twigs Collection

Chad Seale, a new Friend of BTC (FOBTC) and recent NAHA Finalist, sent us this exclusive Twigs collection that draws inspiration from a walk in the forest. “Jake, my photographer, called me and said he wanted to do a shoot with cool avant garde hairstyling incorporating twigs and utilizing a body painter,” says Seale. “So I went outside and started collecting my twigs.”

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By using his imagination and some supreme styling skills, Seale has created quite the collection. It comes as no surprise he’s in the running for a coveted NAHA! Good luck Chad and thanks for the collection.

Photo Credits:
Hair: Chad Seale of Taylor Andrews
Makeup: Sherri Curtis
Body Paint: Brett Hamilton
Photographer: Jake Garn (

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