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Last updated: September 03, 2008

Lunatic Fringe “Hairpiece” Collection

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Lunatic Fringe “Hairpiece” Collection

Lunatic Fringe Artistic Team finds inspiration in just about anything and everything!  For their first Collection, Shades, the creative light bulb turned on after a team member saw some way cool lampshades in a magazine, and found inspiration in the Salt Flats of Utah for their Earth Toned Collection.  Two industry stylists who never fail to educate and inspire sparked a fire in the minds of the Lunatic Artistic Team for their latest. 

“This collection was inspired by two of my mentors; Angus M’s Platform Artist Noogie Thai and the grandmaster Nicholas French,” said Lunatic Fringe Artistic Team Member Steven Robertson.  “We used the techniques of Nicholas French’s brilliance in Avant Garde hairpiece making and the concepts of Noogie Thai’s Masquerade Collection in 2007, which represented intense color schemes and heavy weighted lines.

The Lunatic Fringe Team created a solid dense base (located at the top of each piece).  Not only does the base allow the color schemes to pop, but allows the hair to fall to a free living area where the color has diffused within each other allowing the hair to move.  Each look and model received a complimenting, customized fringe to tie the look together.

The Lunatic Fringe Artistic Team hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, and they strive to educate each other and collaborate as a team.

For more inspiration please contact www.lunaticfringesalon.com

Click on each image for a closer look.

Photography: Mitch Meyer
Hair: Steven Robertson
Hair Assistants: Bekah Nash and Jon Kimble
Make up: Bobbi Hanks
Wardrobe: McKell Maddox

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