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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Into the Woods

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Into the Woods

How often do the color-obsessed venture deep into the forest for inspiration? How could they not? Rich cherry, dramatic mahogany, cheery maple, dappled sunlight, fluttering leaves—all loamy and lovely and ripe for haircolor reproduction. Of course, leave it to Angelo Seminara to come out of the woods with a new twist on an old trunk. In his hands, hardwoods become pliable and silky. Free-flowing patterns receive their marching orders and line up in precise formation. Nature bends to his will. And the intense beauty of femininity, as seen through his eyes, quite simply takes ones breath away.

Who did it
Angelo Seminara, Davines Artistic Director, 3-time British Hairdresser of the Year
haircolor: Edoardo Paludo Davines International Creative Color Ambassador
photography: Jenny Hands
makeup: Laura Dominique
styling: Nicco Torelli
products: Davines Mask Haircolor with Vibrachrome
ig: @seminaraangelo

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