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September 21, 2011

Aveda Jewels of the Earth Collection


Aveda Jewels of the Earth Collection

For Aveda’s Jewels of the Earth fall/winter 2011 trend collection, Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders and the Aveda North American Artistic Team redesigned a classic family of cuts into modern silhouettes, with shape and color inspired by icons of the seventies and rich gemstone hues. 

“Jewels of the Earth presents variations on classic, graduated cuts with strong exterior design lines,” says Antoinette. “We’ve taken an early 1970s cutting technique—the Halo—and given it an aerodynamic quality. Think ‘70s rock meets glamorous fashion.” 

“Palettes of rich, warm tones characterize the makeup design,” says Janell Geason, Global Educator for Aveda Makeup. “Metallic, velvety-dark colors echo depth and nocturnal elegance. The looks suggest a somber, artistic mood and a notion of magic.” 

Jewels of the Earth is awash in vivid tints of russet and gold. The backdrop of vintage wallpaper and cushions in lush and glimmering fabrics deploys a bohemian, almost Moroccan ambiance. Contrasting colors and textures mingle throughout, inducing interplay of light and dark. “The collection exudes an underlying confidence, air of sexuality and defined independence,” says Ricardo Dinis, Artistic Director for Aveda. “These are uncomplicated, sophisticated looks that women can easily recreate at home.” 

Watch exclusive videos of Antoinette Beenders and the Aveda team in Australia!

who did it
Creative Direction: Antoinette Beenders, Global Creative Director for Aveda
Color: Ian Michael Black, Color Director, Aveda N.A. Artistic Team
Cuts: Ricardo Dinis, Artistic Director, Aveda N.A Artistic Team
Hair Styling: Allen Ruiz, Style Director, Aveda N.A Artistic Team
Makeup: Janell Geason, Aveda Global Makeup Educator
Photography: Jenny Hands

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