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Last updated: January 14, 2021

What Would You Do: My Clients Won’t Stop Texting Me!

BTC What Would You Do WWYD My Clients Won't Stop Texting Me
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What To Do When Clients Reach Out Nonstop During Non-Business Hours

Picture this: It’s Saturday night and you just got home after a long day in the salon. Wine in hand, you kick your feet up and are just about to queue up your latest Netflix obsession when all of a sudden your phone goes off. It’s Karen asking about your availability. Cue the screams of frustration! Tired of clients reaching out during inappropriate times through text, email, Facebook AND Instagram? You’re not alone. Below, we’re sharing the BTC Community’s advice for setting boundaries with clients.


“So I’m having a dilemma that I’m sure most stylists in this era can relate to. I have clients texting me and Facebook messaging me for appointments at all hours and even Sunday nights. I am 100% grateful that I have so many clients that want to book appointments but it’s getting out of hand. It’s one thing if it’s during business hours but I always tell them to call the salon because messaging isn’t super efficient if I’m busy, but they always seem annoyed. I have clients messaging me at 10pm on Sundays when I don’t have my book. How do I get my clients to call the salon to make appointments without coming off rude? Any advice please! Thank you!” 


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Ummm Why Do Clients Have Your Personal Number?


BTC What Would You Do WWYD My Clients Won't Stop Texting Me


“Why do clients have your personal number?” – @hairbyjenniferrosenyc 


“I just don’t give out my personal cell number or Facebook. Sometimes I’ll have a referral from a Facebook friend message me, but I just politely tell them to call the salon during business hours.” Aly Noelle Gilbert 


“Never give out your personal number.” – @thegreatbatzy 


“Exactly why I don’t give out my personal number. Some people will abuse it.” Danielle Nicole Cardinale 


Don’t Respond Until You’re Back In The Salon


BTC What Would You Do WWYD My Clients Won't Stop Texting Me


“I only return messages during reasonable hours. You have a life and it’s not selfish to separate your work time from personal time. If it’s a hair emergency, they can call the salon.” Sherrie Byrum Gleber 


“I don’t answer my clients outside of my salon hours. I also don’t give my personal number to clients. They do have access to me via Facebook/Instagram but again, I don’t answer. Set boundaries. If you start replying and booking clients at 10pm on a Sunday, they’re gonna think that’s OK! I also know a few stylists who ONLY take appointments on one platform of social media, which works well for some and is less confusing.” – @emilysavage123 


“I had a client a few years ago get mad because she texted me Saturday night after 10pm about an appointment and I responded 10am Tuesday. She ranted on about how it took me two days to respond to her text. I then screenshotted my hours to her that’s posted on my salon door. She ignored it. I fired her. If they cant respect boundaries, then what else do you have?” Riah Sanyar 


“Don’t answer clients during off hours. They can leave a message. Have an automated message ready to send them so they know you will respond during business hours.” – @customcutsby_victoria 


“I literally just don’t respond until it’s an appropriate time or it’s my work day. I’ve had people text at six in the morning or very late at night. So rude.” Gee Bdib 


“I used to have this issue, but I just learned not to respond until business hours. You have to separate work from your personal life, otherwise, they’ll never stop. We appreciate our clients, of course, but we are human beings. We deserve time away from work just like they do.” – @marissadidmyhair



OK, Here’s What To Say/Do


BTC What Would You Do WWYD My Clients Won't Stop Texting Me


“Turn your phone on do not disturb with the following message, ‘Hi. Thank you for reaching out! Sorry I am out of the salon right now. My hours are ___ to ___ and I will get back to you as soon as I can during that timeframe. Thank you for understanding! Talk to you soon!'” Felicity Breuer 


“I strongly recommend suggesting that your clients prebook. Get that next appointment set up before they leave the salon. It lets them pick and choose the times/days that are most convenient to them and then they won’t have to contact you or the salon to try and get squeezed in. It works out great for all involved. I have about 97% of my clients that prebook now. Works out great, especially if you are an independent stylist like myself who schedules her own appointments.” Keri Felgenhauer 


“Set up online booking! Make a post on Facebook saying that online booking will be available for clients that can’t reach the salon during business hours and that you won’t be scheduling appointments after hours anymore because you want to spend time with your family when you get home from work. If they get mad, so be it! Online booking would be a great alternative.” Stephanie Montalvo 


“No matter what you say or do they will still contact you. The only solution for me was to get another line with my phone carrier, which I leave at my suite. Doing this has also allowed me to totally leave work at work. I know some people can’t do a second phone but I literally tried everything possible.” – @gotknots66 


“Yes, simply post on your Facebook at the end of the week, ‘Thank you to all my clients for a fantastic week! It’s now time for family fun. I will not have my appointment book handy, so please feel free to call the salon to book your appointments. I’m going tech free for the weekend.'” – @abradshaw1997 


“I’m independent and this is nothing new to me. I have my phone on do not disturb from 10pm to 7am. That way I’m not bothered and I’ll get back to them ASAP. Been doing this for 10 years now. Clients don’t care. When they want their hair done, they want it yesterday!” – @jessica_salerno_ 


“I have the same issue. The worst is when ‘Karen’ sends a message at 11:30pm on a Saturday night, then QUESTION MARKS you on Sunday morning! I’m asleep Karen!! Or when you’re on the school run with two kids and a dog and a client slows down her car and yells at you that she needs an appointment and when are you free! 😩 I now send a pre-written message saying I am out of the salon and will respond during my working hours and then I list them. They are your bread and butter but you need a break from your clients for your own sanity.” – @liane_cowell 


“’I’ll respond during business hours. Enjoy your day.’ This works every time.” – @chiquitaschair


“I have made a post on my personal page and my salon page that I do not answer my phone from the time of 7pm to 7am or on Sundays—and I will periodically repost these times every now and then. And also, if they message you between those times, just don’t answer until your next business day. A majority of my clients have followed those rules unless it was an emergency, or they’ll tell me they want to message me right away so they don’t forget but they know that I will not answer them until the next business day or hour. Eventually they all will start to understand.” Megan Weyant 


And We Can’t Forget About These Pro Tips…

“Be sure the read receipt is turned off. If they know you read the message and haven’t replied, they will keep messaging you…” – @kellyfblake


“…Be careful who you add to Facebook or give your email to. Most people don’t care about boundaries.” Carrie Cowan 


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