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Last updated: January 25, 2024

When Clients Are Too Needy 😬: Crazy Salon Stories

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What Would You Do: Extra Needy Clients

Setting boundaries with clients is a MUST, but there will always be that one person who crosses the line with a wild request or comment that makes you ask, “When is it just too much to handle?” We posted a meme on BTC’s Facebook that resonated with hairdressers so much, they felt inspired to share their craziest client stories.


Keep scrollin’ to read about different situations where clients took it too far, when it’s time to let someone go and a few ~shocking~ scenarios we will definitely be up thinking about at 3am!


Disclaimer: Clients, if you’re reading this—we love you! While most of our clients make our day and we love servicing them, we are simply creating a safe space for stylists to share difficult situations they have navigated in the past.


My Client Said This… Wait, What?!

“A stylist I used to work with suffered a heart attack whilst at work and an ambulance had to be called. One of his clients who was waiting to be taken asked would he have time just to trim her fringe before the paramedics came.” – Clare Tilley


“When I told my client I was expecting my first child, as soon as the words came out of my mouth she said, ‘Oh no!! Who’s going to do my hair now!?'” – Teresa Simon-Rassi


“Oh my, I can relate. My brother was killed in an accident and my client thought I could do her hair the morning of his funeral. You know, it was in the afternoon I had plenty of time. I had a two-month-old and a five-year-old as well. Yeah, people are extremely selfish!” – Shar J Gifford


“My dad had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. My mother called me frantic. I was grabbing things to leave immediately. My co-worker said…just go [and] I will inform your clients. My client came in and I told her what happened with tears running down my face. She looked at me blankly and said, ‘Well…who’s gonna do my hair then?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, but it’s not going to be me!’ Never booked her again. I was so shocked and angry.” – Stephanie McCleskey


“I broke my right hand in two places and was asked, ‘But can you still do my hair?’” – Clare Tilley


“I had one client ask me, ‘If you die, who’s going to do my hair?’ This is days before I went in to have an emergency C-section with my first born.” – @itsfridiahair


“I’ve had clients ask me to do their hair on my wedding day. On Christmas Eve. And when my daughter was in the hospital, 10 days after she was born.” – Jennifer Michelle


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Sometimes, You Need To Let A Client Go!


“Totally relatable. I had a client pissed I wasn’t coming in to do her perm the day after my son was born. She wasn’t my client after that.” – HeatherLynn Fraser


“I once had a new referral call me at 8am on the Fourth of July wanting a same-day appointment. She was upset when I told her I was spending the day with my family. [I] offered an appointment the next day. Her response—NO. Needless to say…I did not accommodate her for anything after that.” – Shela Wilden


“My grandma was in the hospital, passing away and I had a client calling and getting upset that my co-workers wouldn’t give her my personal phone number to see if I’d come in just for her. After I went back to work, she came in and while in my chair said, ‘I hope you understand why I wanted them to call you or give me your number. I just NEEDED my hair done.’ I said, ‘Oh funny because I needed my grandma to not die.’ It was an awkward appointment after that.” – Brandy-Jeanne Roberson


“The day they turned off my [mother in law’s] life support after her stroke, I called to cancel my clients. One actually was mad because, ‘I am supposed to get color today! Now what am I going to do?’ WTF? I can tell you where to go…” – Lisa Leonardo-David


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These Stylists Were Dealing With Medical Emergencies When THIS Happened…


“Omg! If this isn’t reality! Six years ago, my husband rushed me to hospital because I passed out on the kitchen floor…I had just got home from work, busy Saturday and also did two bridal parties that morning starting at 4am! I was in [the] hospital and had to wait to have surgery the following Tuesday, so Monday morning my husband brings my appointment book to the hospital and I start calling/texting clients, that I’d be home for eight weeks following surgery…I CANNOT even tell you how many texted back saying, ‘But can you still do my hair on Friday, etc.?’ The ignorance really opened my eyes!” – Vania Correia


“I was in [the] hospital last year with meningitis, four days after reopening from the UK lockdown, I was off for six weeks and I lost clientele because of the ‘inconvenience.’ [I] didn’t even get a ‘get well soon’ message, just the continued ‘my roots are by my ankles.’ I’m sorry but I’m kinda like, trying not to die…Don’t want clients like that anyway.” – Demi-lea Grounds


“I had gone into the emergency room one evening and they wouldn’t release me until [the] next day in the afternoon, I had clients booked and most were very understanding except one and she got mad and said, ‘Well I’m here and need my hair done!’ Like I was there having a party. This is one thing I really really don’t like about my job, people (most) only care about their hair and themselves.” – Denise Sikes


“Omg! I had a client like this years ago, I had to bring my two-month-old to the hospital [because] she was really ill. And she asked me if I could still do her hair as soon as I was done!” @hairbyhoneyh


Stories Like This Make Us Appreciate Our Kind + AMAZING Guests!


“For every one bad attitude client, there are ten amazing, beautiful and kind clients. On the one day I had someone tell my receptionist I was unprofessional for having emergency surgery, and no sooner had they done that, another client dropped flowers at the hospital for me. The kind one wins anytime I think of that day.” – Caroline Clapp


After those stories, we LOVE a feel good moment!

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