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Last updated: November 03, 2017

5 Tips for Taking Customer Service Above and Beyond

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“The better the service, the less price becomes an issue,” shares John DiJulius in his highly acclaimed book, Secret Service. He explains that you have unique, personal opportunities to keep returning clients feel valued and to make a lasting impression on new clients. As owner of award-winning, John Robert’s Hair Studio & Spas in Ohio, John shares practical and easy-to-implement ideas for customer service excellence.


Below are five key ways to go above and beyond when unusual or unfortunate situations occur for clients. Things happen—and you or a team member can come to the rescue of a client in need. When this happened, you’ll not only get loyal clients for life, but they’ll be sharing those experiences with friends and family. Free advertising—yes!


1. Listen to clients’ special needs and help find solutions. “During a hair and makeup trial run, a bride to be mentioned that she couldn’t find the right little purse to go with her wedding dress, so would just go without one,” shares John. “Our stylist found a small purse that worked with her dress, filled it with aspirin, hair products, needle and thread, pins and breath mints. The client was amazed with the gift and will never forget that level of client care and service.”


2. Help clients get to the salon when they can’t get to you. “One of our clients made an appointment to get her hair and nails done the day she was to receive an important award. She called in tears that morning because she was snowed in and couldn’t get out of her driveway,” recalls John.  “One of our managers volunteered to go pick her up, bring her to the salon and drive her home, just in time to be able to then get out and attend the awards event. This client will be loyal for life.”


3. Volunteer to assist when possible. “During a pedicure, an elderly client remarked that she had to go home and finish packing because she was moving, but she didn’t know how she was going to do it alone,” shares John. “Our nail tech borrowed her husband’s truck after work and helped the client move. This experience made both the client and stylist happy and appreciative of one another.”




4. Caring efforts go a long way. “We have stylists who go above and beyond in many little ways such as helping clients to their cars with umbrellas during bad weather; providing a small cake and balloon on a birthday, to surprising clients with treats such as doughnuts, pizza, coffee or tea,” John says.  He even have a stylist take a client to the hospital and wait with her until a family member arrived.


5. Be a helpful resource to clients. “During a visit, a client mentioned that the dry cleaners had recently ruined a blouse that was to be worn for her son’s wedding, so she may have to cancel the rest of her spa services later in the day to look for another blouse. During her facial, the client described the style, color and other details. While she was receiving another service, our employee called boutiques and department stores to find another shirt that might work,” shares John.  “The client was thrilled and will forever be loyal to our salon.” As their stylist and friend, you can help clients locate restaurants, florists, photographers—many other businesses in your community. Then you can trade referral tips with those businesses to help each other grow/ It’s a win-win for both of you!


John’s stylists don’t regard these efforts as being special. They do these types of things every day, believing it is their job to make a client’s day perfect. This should not be considered going above and beyond. This type of salon culture should be thought of as routine and the only way to run a business.

By developing and incorporating simple, caring gestures for clients, they become second nature to the staff and add memorable value to each salon experience. You also establish consistency in the high standards of running your salon.


To learn more on how to develop effective, revenue building, customer service practices in your salon; Secret Service is a must-read guidebook for every salon owner, manager, stylist and colorist who wants to develop loyal clients forever!