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Last updated: October 30, 2017

Two Levels of Lift in Five Minutes?!

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Looking for a quick add-on service? Check this out—a new highlighting technology that provides two levels of lift on tone in five minutes with NO processing time!


This new liquid lightener from framesi, Decolor B SHIMMER, gives stylists an opportunity to offer clients a new menu item for highlights during styling, personalizing their looks without sacrificing time. It’s permanent and odorless and can be used on 100 percent of clients who have color-treated or natural hair, estimated to be no less than 70 percent of all clients in the chair.


Here’s how it works!



You apply the liquid lightener to dry hair, then pass over the section with a flat iron until dry (no more than six passes), which activates the lightener and provides up to two levels of lift on tone. There’s no processing time at all, and no rinsing!



Dimensional Plum: Watch Now!




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Before-and-after from Jessica Roth (@jessilee30), a framesi certified color educator in Columbia, S.C. “Carrie is a natural blonde with virgin hair. She has some natural highlights from the sun…SHIMMER was a perfect solution for a quick add-on service to add some dimension to her natural color without bleach.”


Tina Brown, owner of T Loren Studio in Woodridge, Ill., shares why she loves shimmer. “I’m almost finished styling and then I ask for five extra minutes,” she says. “Why? My clients want a ‘sparkle,’ one with added intensity and dimension. I can deliver this with SHIMMER. The results speak for themselves!”


With SHIMMER, you can give your clients a new look in five minutes, and they’re out the door! Think about all the times you could use this product, especially on male clients who want to look five years younger but don’t want to wait for foils and processing time.


Works Great On Short Hair! Watch the How-To!



“We believe that the hairdresser is the authority on recommending solutions to their clients,” says Dennis Katawczik, CEO of framesi North America. “As a leader in providing color solutions, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading innovations that increase customer satisfaction and profit. Decolor B SHIMMER is a revolutionary opportunity to provide a fast, turn-key service that will yield great results and customer satisfaction.”


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