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Last updated: November 15, 2019

What Would You Do: When The Holidays Are Your Least Busiest Season

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Advice For Getting Clients Back In The Salon During The Holidays

It’s hard to believe but for some stylists, the holiday season is not one of their busiest. So one member of the BTC fam reached out, asking for some ideas on ways to make December booked solid again. Find out what fellow stylists had to say!


“I’ve been a hairdresser for about 6 years now and have a decent following starting out. However, I’ve found that each holiday season that rolls around results in fewer clients. I’ve been noticing a lot of clients booking appointments for AFTER the holidays. Is anybody else experiencing this trend? What happened to being the busiest time of the year?! Any tricks or tips to help promote for the holidays without sounding needy?”


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It’s Not You, It’s The Season
“My January/February and October/November is always booked more than December. I think people try to budget for the holidays, so getting their hair done before Thanksgiving gives them the chance to start in January with a new ‘do. At least that’s what I tell myself.” – Tanya Ketterling


I have noticed a slump in my business this season as well. I have always been busy in past holiday seasons, but I agree with others that people are conserving their money for gift buying.– Sherrie Byrum Gleber


“I have noticed the same thing over the last few years, especially not working in a mall salon. January has been quite busy for me. I think people have holiday gift money, and now that the expensive times are over, they can spend it.” – Victoria Stevens


I honestly don’t believe this is my busiest time of year either…I feel like this time of year is sustaining my existing clients. Also, if you have someone who comes in for Thanksgiving and they are following a 6-week schedule, they wouldn’t make it in for Christmas…I know holidays are tight when it comes to money, so I’m thankful to have a full client book. And although I’m ‘slow’ compared to what people say I should be at, I’m still hitting my end of year goal.– Lauren Robinson



Pre-Booking Is Key
For the past 3 years this is what I’ve done and it’s helped so much. In October, I tell my clients that this is when everyone starts to book for the holidays. It’s true, but I suggest that they book their next two appointments so that they can make sure they are able to get in during my busiest time of year. It helps me so that I’m not scrambling at the last minute trying to make room for them to get in, and they love it because they want to make sure they have their hair looking good for Thanksgiving, photos, parties, Christmas and New Year’s. By doing this, I’ve found myself being booked 2 to 2½ months out.– @zisforawesome


“Most of my clients pre-book for the entire year. I tell anyone that likes to set up an appointment every service or those who just call that spots are limited, especially at this time of year as I take time off to be with my family as well. Most of them pre-book so we’re both not stressed and then continue to book out a few appointments later on in the year. It ensures I’m busy during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year.” – @lex.coulter


“I feel like we’re all going to fluctuate every year. My clients all pre-book, and depending on how the holidays fall, it will just depend on how busy you get. I do have some clients who I don’t see very consistently who come in, but I find they come in before Thanksgiving so that it takes them through all the holidays. Good luck! It will all work out in the end.” – @dnicholas4


“In my region people don’t go out to as many formal parties as they used to years ago. No one wants to drink and drive, and finding a cab at 1 a.m. is not always possible either. Our salon actually closes the week between Christmas and New Year’s, so we pre-book everyone for before Christmas.” – Heather McKenzie


“November and December are my busiest months. I start pre-booking in August for the holidays. I remind clients that the holidays are right around the corner, and I suggest scheduling two to three appointments out. By mid-November my schedule is completely full for the rest of the year.” – Liz Cox


“When approaching the holidays, I let my guests know that I want to make them look exceptionally great. So I start my holiday time more around mid-September. With that, I do everyone’s big changes so when rebooking, I make sure they know it will be a just a refresher. This way you can get more clients in and make all your guests feel extra special. My clients love this, and it also gets them talking to friends about you. Next thing you know, you have added on new clients for the years coming…Always make sure your guests know how much you appreciate them!” –



Try Offering Incentives
“My recommendation—offer your loyal clients who pre-book a complimentary service. I would mention it’s your holiday gift for being a loyal client, and it’s only good through December. You build loyal clients, and who doesn’t love free stuff? Services like a conditioning treatment or a gloss are inexpensive add-ons to offer!” – @creeptrice


“There is a trend—fewer companies are hosting holiday parties for their employees, so there’s no need to get your hair done. Instead, clients are getting their hair done as a Christmas gift from others. During the holiday season, shift your promos to appeal to the client’s family in the form of gift certificates.” – Stephanie Mooney 


“This year I sent out Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving, and I included a cute little coupon good through the end of January. This not only thanked my clients, but it also gave a little reminder to those I haven’t seen in a while and encouraged them to get in during this time of year.” – @rebecca_cox3


“I’ve seen this the last few years as well. I just push through and try to get in referrals as well as going out and talking to people a lot. I went Christmas shopping with the my mom on Black Friday and handed out at least 50 cards with 20 percent off services over $50, putting a deadline on some of them.” – Lynn Neeley


“I always do a drawing for a free color or highlight for all who come the month of December. They can use it anytime after January through the rest of the year.” – Shannon Waddell Teal


“I have the same issue. It used to be my busiest time, and now my busiest month is October. So now I send an email blast at the end of October offering gift cards, specials and incentives for December bookings. I also offer free brow waxes on all pre-books and gift wrapping for holiday shopping.” – @gia.porter


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