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Last updated: December 15, 2017

Book More Clients In Less Time

4 Holiday Time-Savers For Your Busiest Days

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We’re halfway through December and we KNOW you are busy! But, if you’re trying to fill your books even more than they already are (to make that extra holiday cash), you gotta know how to work FAST. So we gathered the styling/cutting tips, plus the quickie color services to try during any big holiday rush. 



Create A Fast Pony
It doesn’t matter—high or low—ponytails are in, and clients want to see that perfectly-popped, insta-worthy style on their own head. Plus, during the holidays, creating elaborate updos behind the chair just isn’t in your or your client’s best interest. Instead, try this quick perky pony. Here’s how. 



Do This: Use the Pony Popper and style it with a quick bow or ribbon—your clients will LOVE it. Get the Pony Popper now!


Cut Weight Quickly In A Bulky Bob
Removing weight can be a long process—but it definitely doesn’t have to be. Watch this cutting quickie to see what we mean.



Do This: Use the De-Bulker for blending, texturizing and extreme weight removal! It comes with three sizes and reduces the amount of time spent on each client. Remember that the enemy of volume and movement is weight, even on fine hair—so get the De-Bulker now!



Balayage With Wide-Plank Sections
Balayage doesn’t have to mean baby-fine sections and super-precise painting—watch this video from @prettylittleombre to see what we mean.



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Do This: Use wider sections when balayaging for bigger dimension, and be sure to use @prettylittleombre’s favorite brushes! You can get them here.


Transform With Treatments
There’s no time better than the holiday season to sell your clients on treatment services. They deliver instant results that will give any client a boost of confidence. Check out what L’ANZA Global Healing Color Director Leah Freeman suggests.