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April 26, 2019

What Would You Do: I Keep Getting Redo Requests!

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I Started At A New Salon And Kept Getting Redo Requests

It happens to every stylist. Your client leaves your chair and all is well in the world, until days or weeks later they’re back and hate their hair. One of our BTC fam has been dealing with this so much lately, that it’s really shaken their confidence and they’re confused on what to do next. Here’s what the BTC community had to say!


“So, I’ve been doing hair for 10 years. I left a salon after three and a half years of being there, started at a new salon and all of a sudden I am getting a ton of ‘complaints and redo requests’ and I don’t really understand. I asked my old salon manager if I had any complaints and redos, and she said in those three and a half years I had maybe two! Long story short, I ended up having to leave that salon. I always felt like I was pretty good, but now I don’t know. Do you think maybe I wasn’t a good fit for that salon’s area? I would like to know what other people think. Thank you.”


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Up Your Consultation Game


“A lot of redos in my salon are just unmet expectations. To me, consultation is key. If I don’t start off with a fantastic consultation I usually feel like I’ve done a subpar service. Consultation is so important, because it allows you to get a feeling for what the clients expectations are, what past services they have had done and if they’ve had bad salon experiences before.” – @madddstylezzz


“Has it never occurred to us that we aren’t doing anything wrong and that clients have found a way to work the system and they do? It’s all in the consultation. Be thorough and have them sign releases. If you’ve explained everything and it is documented, it’s hard to argue with later.” – @jean_louise_e


“When I’m shown a pic by a client, I always tell them the truth about their expectations. My favorite thing to say is, ‘We can get your hair similar to this.’ I’m a hairdresser not a copy machine. Exact is impossible, similar is possible.” – @therealombrequeen


“Sometimes when we’ve been doing hair for a while we become complacent when it comes to our consultations. I would suggest spending maybe a bit more time to really make sure you and your client are on the same page. I always repeat back to them what they have described to me. Sometimes when they hear it they realize what they said is not what they meant. 🖤” – @sheena_prestige


“Go back to the basics. Reevaluate your current consultation procedure and improve it.” – @autumndoesmyhair


Don’t Worry, Keep Going!


“Maybe you’re at a salon whose styles are different from your styles. Every client is not for you!” – @lovinhair


“I’m sure you are fine! 😍Although it’s hard, try not to take it personally. Up your game on your consultation and be sure to go through ‘the plan’ at the end. Be honest about the outcome versus their expectations… Underpromise and over deliver. ☀️” – @christyjeankruse


“I think part of the problem could be that people want the perfect result straight away. They have no patience. While a hair goal or color could be achievable, it might take several appointments to get it to the desired result.” – @kaitlynwagnerhair


“Maybe it wasn’t a good fit! You will find your place, it will happen!” – @stella1973


“Unfortunately, sometimes we can talk ourselves blue in the face during a consultation, but at the end of the day we will never know what their hair will actually do until we’ve rinsed them in the sink. I would say 90 percent of redos are the client just not loving their hair. It’s too dark, light, short, long—we’ve heard it all. Rarely at our salon is it truly a mess up on the stylists part. Don’t ever forget that you’re a true artist and we each as individuals like certain kinds of art better than others! Be thorough, be you and take your time.” – @abbybrittbeauty


“I’m redoing a client tomorrow who has admitted to me, ‘You did everything the way I wanted it done and I have wanted it done that way for YEARS. Nobody could accomplish the color I wanted and finally you did it and I actually don’t like it. Can you redo it?’ Yes, I can. The highlights are TOO LIGHT? Easy fix, lets tone them… My point is sometimes clients don’t know what they really want!” – @hairtostaysalon


“Ugh, a complaint tears you down so much! It really affects us all… Move past it, dust yourself off and try again.” – @hairbystevie


Starting at a new salon can be a bit intimidating and it can shake your confidence. Clients pick up on that and if they perceive that you’re not confident with the results they’ll look for things that are wrong with it. I find that if I’m proud of the results and happy, so are they. Don’t let this discourage you. We all have ups and downs and not every stylist is a good fit for every client and vice versa.” – Nina Mitreska-Latondress


“I feel that with social media and pictures and filtering, people expect way too much from their stylists. If it’s not EXACTLY like the picture they’re not happy. It’s almost impossible to get it the same. I feel like that’s where I get a lot of redos. Or, they see these balayages, get it done and then decide it’s not for them. Not my fault.” – Amanda Hawley


I was told 38 years ago in hairdressing school that you cannot make everyone happy and it is the truth. Be honest and straight forward with people about outcomes and be happy with those that return. People will come and go, it’s part of the business. Just don’t let it get you down.” – Philip Babin


“I had one client who came to me with a pic of a gorgeous beachy balayage. When it was done she agreed it looked just like the picture, but said she didn’t like it because the highlights weren’t distributed evenly enough. This was after telling me she liked the natural, random look in the picture!! But, because she told me right away, I put in some foils for a more uniform look and she left happy. So ask the client what her challenge is with it and redo it if she tells you immediately exactly what she didn’t like. But, if she tells you it’s perfect then, calls you a few days later wanting a redo, it just means she changed her mind or didn’t know what she wanted in the first place!!” – Heather Sung



I’ve Been There


“I’ve been dealing with the same thing. People come in with a photoshopped Pinterest picture and get upset if it doesn’t look exactly like the picture. And the thing is, even when they bring me a picture of my own work it’s not going to look exactly like it. Even when I’m doing the same thing, because everyone’s hair type and color history is different. 😫” – @kelsihairkreations


“I had a super similar experience when I went to a salon that undercharged. Don’t let it get you down find a good fit and move on !” – @maria_hairandmua


We all feel dreadful about the clients who want a redo. It hits at our confidence. I learned to treat these situations as good learning experiences and to challenge myself to try harder. Always take complaints as constructive criticism, no matter how bad it is.” – @emma.jane1974


“There have been times in my 20 plus years that I’ve felt like I’ve lost my mojo, because it seems I can’t do anything right. Take a breather (time to yourself to relax and refocus) and start again slower with thorough consultations. Really listen and reiterate back what the client is asking for. Then make sure their expectations align with reality. Just know it’s not just you. We all go through this at some point. Don’t get discouraged as every scenario is a learning experience.” – @judipicard


Are the complaints and redos for similar hairstyles? Similar color techniques? Are you feeling stressed out personally? And, I mean absolutely no offense by this, but are you getting ‘too comfortable’? Are the complaints from new clients or clients you’ve done before in the past? I’ve found that sometimes I’ve gotten so comfortable with my regulars that when I’d get the rare new guest it would really rattle me. I’ve since tried to be very diligent about asking the same questions to every guest—new or regular.” – @colorwheelforreal


“I’ve been feeling the exact same lately, it makes me really doubt myself. I’ve even considered not doing hair anymore.” – @themaneonthemoon


“When I’ve had redo clients, 99 percent of the time it’s because I told them during the consultation that they would be the ‘ashy blonde’ they were expecting, when in reality they have mineral build up, box color or harsh underlying pigment. So they didn’t get the ash blonde they were expecting. I’ve never had a complaint about placement or blending, JUST on ash blonde tones. So the lesson I took from that is that I need to be 100 percent real with my clients from the start. For example, ‘I will do everything I can to get you to your desired level of blonde, however I have no control over how your hair will lighten if you have previous color, box color or mineral build up. So if I notice that your hair isn’t lightening as planned, I’ll let you know and we will adjust your expectation for the end result due to what was previously on your hair!’ I hope that helps! Keep your head up. Stylists are more supportive of each other now more than ever! 🙌🏼” – @beccahairpainting


We ALL get complaints, and sometimes they are in the same week. It does not define who you are as a stylist. Don’t give up on a career over that. We all make mistakes. Every person in every profession. Sometimes people also expect and demand the unachievable. I have had a few clients that no matter what are unhappy regardless of what I do, but they keep coming back.” – Samantha Zick


“Some clients expect to look just like Beyonce after they choose their style. And, some clients will never feel comfortable with anyone like their stylist from 1972 and they only came to your chair because they died. As long as you are consistent and professional, you’ll build your clientele just by being dependable. Keep building your artistry and don’t let 2 percent of people keep you from providing service to the 98 percent that will love you and your work. 😘” – Paris Van-Del



Just General, Useful Advice…


Take photos of your work and have someone you trust critique it. Maybe it can give you a new perspective having another pair of eyes looking at your work. Again, someone you trust.” – @0zzys_barber


Are they coming back to you or is the salon telling you you have redos? If they are coming back to you, then you are doing at least something right in that the client is comfortable enough to tell you. If they are not coming back to you, is your salon letting you know what happened and offering tips and training to prevent it? If not, then they are not a good fit for you. We all have off days, but we need to learn from those and if you don’t know what you are doing wrong then you can’t get better. Also, some salons just breed complaint mentality clients who are never happy.” – Valerie Lint


I’m a newer stylist and I assist 1 day a week at my salon to keep up with trends and techniques. Maybe it’s time for a little refresher on the latest techniques? It’s super helpful for me.” – @jadiethehairlady


“I always tell new clients that if there’s something that needs to be adjusted to not hesitate to call me. I’m new to them and they’re new to me. I don’t know their boundaries and limitations like I do my regulars.” – @marydoeshair