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July 11, 2019

What Would You Do (Client Edition): Can I Fire My Stylist For The Cut Only?

BTC What Would You Do WWYD Client Edition Can I Fire My Stylist For The Cut But Keep Her For The Color BTC Community Advice
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Client Question: Can I Fire My Stylist For Cut But Keep Her For The Color?

OK BTC fam, a client is in need of your professional opinion! She LOVES how her stylist colors her hair but isn’t a fan of how the cut turns out and wants to know if she can fire her stylist for only the cutting service. What do you think? Does she need to have an honest conversation with her stylist or does she just get the cut somewhere else and hope they don’t find out? Keep reading to see what your fellow stylists had to say!


“Hi, I need some advice regarding my stylist who I’ve been seeing for the past year or so. I love the color service she provides. She always gets me to the perfect blonde, but when it comes to the cut it’s always been uneven and choppy—some times worse than others. I always kind of assumed she was in a rush by the end of my service and maybe wasn’t as cautious with the cut as she could have been, but this last time the back of my head looked like someone cut it with their teeth. After the past few times, I just wait until it grows out a little and then go get it fixed somewhere else. I’m afraid to bring this to her attention because in my experience it’s harder to find a good colorist than someone to cut my hair well. I don’t want to offend her and lose her. She fits me in almost every time I call and she’s the owner of the salon as well.” 


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Don’t Jump Ship Right Away


BTC What Would You Do WWYD Client Edition Can I Fire My Stylist For The Cut But Keep Her For The Color BTC Community Advice


“Yes, although you could ask her to check where you found it uneven and show her where you felt it looked choppy. Also, before you leave your appointment check it yourself. I always have my clients feel through it before they leave. I never mind going over it if I’ve missed something. It also helps me see where I can improve. I’ve been a stylist for 25 years. We are humans and make mistakes or just have a bad day.” Devra Vanteylingen


“Hopefully you let her know what needs to be fixed or if you need a little more here because your stylist cannot read your mind and can’t fix anything if you do not say anything.” – @m.blanc2


“More communication might be the answer. No stylist ever tries to give someone a bad haircut.” Jessica Cuddeford


“Communicate with the stylist so she won’t be chopping other people up.” – @solerassalon


“It sounds like she is texturizing your ends. Ask her not to. Show her pictures of what you want—she may think you like it that way. If she still doesn’t get it right, she will still be happy to keep you on as color client.” – @karenmotherway


“I’d want them to tell me specifically what they’d like done differently with the cut, before starting the cut and color service. Rather than saying, ‘I don’t like how you cut my hair,’ you could always choose your words carefully and say, ‘This time, I’d like both sides to be even, the ends to be blunt and the layers to be soft,’ or whatever you want to change from the last cut. Spelling it out for her might be all she needs. I’d much prefer an opportunity to correct the things my guests aren’t happy with instead of them needing to get it corrected elsewhere. If she is professional, it doesn’t need to, and should not, be awkward. Keep it light and constructive. If you are having trouble describing what you want, you could refresh her memory with a photo and point out three things about the cut in the picture you like. Perhaps discussing it with your stylist as soon as you arrive will help her manage her time better. Worth a try. If that fails and it is a lack of skill not a lack of communication, only book colors with her from that point on after giving her an opportunity to improve on the haircut portion of the service.” Ren Northey


But Remember, Honesty Is The Best Policy


BTC What Would You Do WWYD Client Edition Can I Fire My Stylist For The Cut But Keep Her For The Color BTC Community Advice


“As a hairstylist, I appreciate openness and honesty. I would rather have my clients feel comfortable approaching me regarding issues rather than be afraid of me and unhappy with their service.” Shena Golles


“Be honest with your stylist! Don’t listen to anyone that is telling you to lie! She probably thinks you like the way she’s been cutting it because you have never said anything.” Britni Marks


“Yes absolutely, I would just be honest. As a hairstylist that loves doing color, I would not be mad at any of my clients for going to someone who specializes in haircuts. I would encourage it. I have a special bond with my clients and I think most hairstylists do, which should make open communication easy. If you’re scared of your hairstylist, you should get a new one.” – @hellahotroots


“I had a client do that and I was perfectly fine with just doing her color, and a couple months later she returned because she didn’t like the way the other stylist cut either. At the end of the day, I think a client should never be made to feel bad for choosing to use another stylist for one service and you for another. So what, as long as they leave your chair happy!” Laura O’Dell


“I would never want my guest to go somewhere else. I would rather that guest get their cut from another professional in my salon. Everyone has different skill sets or their style fits better with some than others. We welcome our guests to see multiple stylists within our salon. The most important thing to us is that our guest is happy!” – @jodycarrier


“Of course you can! It’s your head. I wish more clients would be HONEST with their stylist about this. We want to make you HAPPY! From my experience in this business, most colorists don’t cut well. They study the art of coloring. Some are versatile and can do both. Some cut well and can’t color. It’s the industry. Find those that suit your needs in every way. That’s most important!” Cheri Bushey


“I wouldn’t be mad. If someone likes my colors and not my cuts or vice versa, it’s not a big deal. Most stylists have a thick skin.”Maggie Prust


“I believe you should always be able to have open communication with your stylist without being offensive. Just as your stylist should be able to have open communication with the client. I’m sure she would love to make the cut perfect for you. Express what you are noticing and ask her if she can blend your layers more. It’s not a big deal if it’s done respectfully. If nothing has ever been said, she probably thinks that you love everything about how she does your cut.” – @m_parker13


“Honesty is always the best policy. Everyone knows where they stand if you’re open about it. You can be diplomatic and kind about it and focus on the positives of what you do like. The world would be a much less b****y place if we were all a bit more honest with each other.” – @gorgeousinoman



Here’s What To Say/Do


BTC What Would You Do WWYD Client Edition Can I Fire My Stylist For The Cut But Keep Her For The Color BTC Community Advice


“Keep her as your colorist DEFINITELY. It’s totally OK to have a separate stylist cut your hair. Before I started my own I specialized in color. I like cutting but it’s definitely not my fave. I wouldn’t be offended at all. If you’re nervous, just say you are growing your hair out. A PROFESSIONAL stylist WOULDN’T call you out on having your cut elsewhere.” – @wadeontweed 


“Yes, yes, yes! A great colorist is a great colorist. But go to the best stylist for your precision cut. A bad cut just makes you cry every time.” – @jbumjhall


“Just say, ‘I love the way you do my color and one of my really close friends bought me a gift card for a cut and blowout at the salon she goes to for [insert holiday/birthday] because she didn’t know where I went and I really liked the way they cut my hair. I just wanted to let you know that I still plan to come to you for color because I love the way you do my color but I really liked the way they cut my hair at the other place and will continue to go there for cuts only. I just wanted to be up front with you because I respect you and love your work.'” Kristina Schuman


“Just lie to her and tell her that you have a family member in beauty school and want to give her a shot at cutting your hair but that you refuse to let anyone else but her do your color cause she’s so good.” Brooke Lynn


“Your hair, your money, your choice.” – @theguythatcutsyourhair


“If my client said no cut this time, I would be like, ‘Cool.’ I don’t think this should be turned into something that might hurt feelings. As much as we all say we want honesty, that’s not always the case when someone criticizes you lol. But I know if she isn’t good, I agree it’s not fun for her and she will not argue when you say just color this time. Don’t try to sit and have a long heart-to-heart when she doesn’t have haircutting skills like she does color. So save y’all both trouble and get a cut somewhere else. Don’t even stress about how to tell her. It’s a good news kinda thing lol.” – @painted.ponytail


“It’s not a big deal to see two people. Just book them and move on. If she asks, tell her.” Cairo D’era


“Yeah, I’ve been behind the chair for over 30 years. Just tell her that you do not want a haircut. No explanation necessary.” Ann Meyer Sweetwood


“It’s totally fine to get cuts elsewhere. Just tell the stylist you don’t need one. If she’s great at color but her trims are subpar, chances are she doesn’t enjoy them anyway.” – @toietmoisalon



Your Stylist Will Probably Be Relieved, TBH


BTC What Would You Do WWYD Client Edition Can I Fire My Stylist For The Cut But Keep Her For The Color BTC Community Advice


“You can always have someone else do the cut or ask her for something different, but it might be good to find someone else for cuts because it may relieve her of the stress she feels with the cut.” – @alliewonders


“Nothing wrong with using different stylists for different services. I don’t think an explanation is needed either. Just go to her for color and stop getting cuts by her. I’m one of those stylists who specializes in color and does not enjoy cutting at all. Certain cuts are just not my strong point and I really get no joy out of cutting. Maybe she’s the same way and will be relieved when she doesn’t have to cut it anymore.” Stefanie Wheeler


“Honestly, from my experience, people that do both are usually stronger or even prefer to do one over the other. They might even be RELIEVED if you tell them the truth.” Rob Reyes


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