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Last updated: May 13, 2021

Watch: Avoid Haircolor Stained Nails With This Quick Mani

Have A 5-Minute Break? Give Your Nails A Refresh!

Are color services wrecking your nails? What if you could give them a quick refresh while your client processes? Enter the Dazzle Dry System from Dazzle Dry, a non-toxic polish set that is the perfect pick-me-up for your nails and it dries in FIVE MINUTES, no UV lights or soaking required. Dazzle Dry Director of Education Silva Nahabedian (@silva__nahabedian) broke down the Dazzle Dry System and why it is the ideal pick-me-up for stylists and beauty professionals. 


Keep scrolling to learn everything about the system and watch Silva demo how to use it in the video above.


How Hairstylists Can Benefit From The Dazzle Dry System

There is nothing worse than a day behind the chair and looking down to a chipped nail. But why does it happen? Nails are porous, so multiple shampoos a day causes the nail plate to expand and contract, creating cracks and chips with traditional polish. Dazzle Dry is formulated with rubber polymers, so it flexes with your natural nail, protecting the polish and allowing it to stay longer without damage. 


Pro Tip: Health-conscious clients can also feel great about adding a manicure service to their appointment. Dazzle Dry’s non-toxic, vegan formula is hypoallergenic and doesn’t require additional lights or tools to dry. 


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What Is The Dazzle Dry System?

“This is perfect for beauty professionals because it is long-lasting, fast drying and the healthiest choice for your nail,” explains Silva. “This easy-to-use system gives you consistent, durable, beautiful nails every single time. And because of the 5-minute drying time, you can go on with your daily activities without worrying about smudging or chipping your fresh color.” 


What Is Included:

“Everything is numbered so there is no guesswork with your manicure,” says Silva. 


  • #1: Nail Prep: Cleanse, sanitize and moisturize your nails to prep for polish.
  • #2: Base Coat: The special formulation helps your manicure last longer.
  • #3: Nail Lacquer: Dazzle Dry has over 100 shades—including Black, a stylist go-to.
  • #4: Top Coat: A quick-drying top coat that gives polish a high shine.
  • #5: Revive: If lacquers and top coats start to thicken, add a few drops to help the consistency for a seamless application.   


“Dazzle Dry products are formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 and other nutrients that will make your nails stronger overtime,” Silva explains. “So the more you consistently use the system, the stronger your nails will be.”


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