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Last updated: November 16, 2022

Top 10 Hacks This Week For Every Pro Stylist

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @jessicascotthair

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Leave it to us for the ultimate hair hacks you didn’t even know you needed. Whether it’s formulating, styling, sectioning or saving product, we’ve gathered the best tips we found on Instagram this week. Stay tuned for ten quick tips from some of the best educators. 


Tip #1: If Your Babylights Aren’t Coming Out Blended, Try This:

Here’s @kristen_o_beauty‘s key to a natural-looking babylight application: start by taking a super-thin slice and then weaving that slice even finer. The skinny weave is what truly makes the difference between a regular highlight and a babylight! To give it that natural, grown-from-the-root look, Kristen foils as close to the roots as possible.


For best results, Kristen says to nourish your client’s locks by using a lightener with protection against damage. Her go-to? GK Hair Juvexin Lightening Powder+.


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Tip #2: Formulating Toner For Bleach Retouches? Try This:

Josie Vilay (@josievilay), the how-to queen, knows just what to do when your client’s roots come out too light. To even out freshly lightened roots, Josie uses the Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Toners in the shades Ice and Sand. 


  • For the roots, Joise formulates two parts Sand and one part Ice. This will keep the roots from appearing too ashy. 


  • Then, she formulates two parts Ice and one part Sand for her client’s ends, to neutralize the yellow tones. 


By doing this, you’ll have a bit of shadow to contrast the brightness and achieve the desired look. 


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Tip #3: Your New Styling Hack: Sneak A Clip Under A Ponytail For Extra Volume

When @chrisappleton1 creates a LOOK, we take notes. Chris shared his secret for volumizing any ponytail by adding a small clip underneath. He sections the ponytail hair into two sections (top and bottom), then places the clip in between, hiding it with the top layer. Now, your client can leave your chair with the perfect ponytail!


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Tip #4: Don’t Waste Product—Cover Your Drain With Plastic Wrap. Then, Do This: 

It’s time we stop wasting treatment and start saving money! @Camouflageandbalayage lets us in on a little secret: cover your drain with plastic wrap or a shower cap. Then, use your color bottle as a blaster to saturate the hair. Here’s the hack: squeeze all the air out of the bottle and suck up your treatment from the bottom of the bowl. You can use the excess product and not worry about waste. 


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Tip #5: Lightening A Guest With A Sparse Hairline? Section In This Shape:

When highlighting a client with a finer hairline, you must pivot your approach to making the money piece pop. @jessicascotthair takes the face-frame farther back than usual and sections the hairline into an upside-down “L” shape. This hack will create more thickness in the front by lightening the hairline in a wider section. 


Jessica’s Formula:

Lightener: Moroccanoil® Blonde Voyage Powder Lightener + 30-volume developer
Root Shadow: Moroccanoil® Color Calypso 6.0 + 6.1 + Clear Gloss Activator
Glaze: Moroccanoil® Color Calypso 9.13 + Clear Gloss Activator


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Tip #6: Counteract Yellow Tones With BLACK Shampoo?!

Have you tried black shampoo? milk_shake® icy blond shampoo can be used for lightened, super light blonde and platinum hair to reduce yellow tones and bring in ashy tones. This is different than a purple shampoo, which tones to a neutral blonde. So if your client is looking for an ashy blonde look, black shampoo is just the trick. 


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Tip #7: Zone Toning: Use This Placement Cheat Sheet

When it comes to formulating toners and placement for a root melt and gloss, you need this cheat sheet. @hairbychrissydanielle maps out the three zones to keep in mind when toning: 


Zone one (root melt): Apply the shadow root and melt (leaving out the money piece). On her client, Chrissy uses Redken Shades EQ in shades 07N, 07P and 07V.


Zone two (global gloss): Next, Chrissy applies a global gloss with Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside (still leaving out the money piece) 1 to 2 shades lighter: 08N, 08V and 09P.


Zone three (money piece): Lastly, gloss the money piece with 010N, 010VV and 010GI.


Pro Tip: After applying, brush everything together for the most seamless blend!


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Tip #8: Achieve A Messy Bun (Without The Mess!)

The perfect messy bun should look undone—but actually last. @bridalhair_byjessica‘s product recommendation is the Aquage Spray Wax because it eliminates flyaways while styling—without that crunchy feeling. This allows her to style with flexibility and a medium hold. 


Then, when Jessica is applying the finishing touches, she turns to the Aquage Finishing Spray to lock in the final look. Watch Jessica execute the perfect messy bun right here!


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Tip #9: Use This Zigzag Trick To Blend Layers:

If your client wants to keep their length but add volume, try @ahappyjustin‘s zigzag technique. He demonstrates with a trendy “mermaid cut,” which allows you to create a flattering face-frame without layering the back.



Justin’s technique:


  • Justin starts with a thick, vertical section from face to ear on both sides for the front layers.


  • The vertical line in between the face-frame and the rest of the hair is where he zigzags the part with his comb. The zizag will seamlessly blend layers into the length.


  • Due to the extreme overdirection forward, your client will still have layers when they push their hair back. Genius!
Hit play for the how-to!


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Learn how to cut viral butterfly layers with @ahappyjustin on BTC-U!


Tip #10: @danilo.bozic’s Technique For Blended Highlights

If your client wants natural, blended highlights, try @danilo.bozic’s go-to technique—just grab a blow-dryer and your fave lightener.



Here’s how it works:


  • Danilo takes a section of hair and holds it straight up, vertically. 


  • Next, he blow dries at the roots and lets the naturally shorter hair fall. 


  • The longer hair is colored and the shorter hair creates a natural veil of blended color.


If you love Danilo’s techniques, you’ll also be a fan of his fave products. For bleach and toners, he always turns to Schwarzkopf Professional as a go-to. When finishing off the look, Alterna Haircare never lets him down.



See how it’s done:

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