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Last updated: October 23, 2017

The Top 4 What Would You Dos of 2016

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In 2016, you guys posed some great questions, and your fellow BTC Community members offered some great advice, tips and solutions. So we compiled the top four What Would You Dos of the year, including everything from THE MOST talked about balayage gone bad to safely removing a new color application when her job tells her it’s a no-go. Check them out! 


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1. Balayage Gone Bad!


The Situation
A client visited a salon in Sydney, Australia, showed her hairdresser the photo above and requested a similar look. After the service, she said her finished look didn’t resemble the color in the image, and she refused to pay the $200 for the service. “I complained and said I wouldn’t pay, so they tried to fix it with more bleach until I was so upset they called security and the cops,” she said. Eventually, the police told her she had to pay the bill.


The Responses
“It’s very easy to blame the client, especially when they are angry and freaking out,” said @czechmatelu. “But if this was my hair, I would be upset, too! We as stylists and color technicians have to be honest with our clients and ourselves when a job is above our skill level, period. And in this case it clearly was. 100 percent the stylist’s fault.”


“Not all stylists are created equal,” countered Jen Singleton (@celebrity_hair_ninja). “Someone can be great at cutting, but horrible at color, and vice versa. It’s imperative that you take responsibility for your own hair BEFORE you let a stranger do it. It’s so easy now with social media to see what a stylist can do before you sit in [his or her] chair.”


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 2. Confronting a Co-Worker Who Loves to “Borrow”


The Question
“I’m wondering how you can get other stylists to stop stealing or “borrowing” your tools. I pay a lot of money for my tools and I come in and this one girl seems to always have my nice blow dryer sprawled across my station so it looks like a mess when I get in. Luckily I have the extra 10 minutes to clean it up but I shouldn’t have to! I don’t want to make a big deal of it…Help?”



The Responses
“Everyone at my salon knows: Don’t touch my station. It’s respected. We invest too much money on tools,” said @scissordiva. “Next salon meeting make an announcement that you would appreciate it if no one borrowed your tools. Nothing personal. That way you don’t call that one person out.”


“Why don’t they have their OWN stuff to begin with? That’s not very professional. I’d get a locking cabinet and put my name on everything or a swipe of colored nail polish…I just always make it a practice not to loan or borrow,” added @kimjones246.


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3. Charging Your Clients Deposits for Appointments


The Question
What do you guys think about charging deposits from clients for appointments? I have been canceled on three times in two days! Two of them were color corrections and one was a color that I bought specific (expensive) products for. The only problem is that they were first time call-in clients, so I don’t know how I would even go about charging a deposit. I have only been a stylist for two years so I REALLY rely on these clients to make rent each week and pay my bills.


The Responses
“When I first started I was being canceled, rescheduled and no-showed on all the time…Once I started taking deposits I haven’t had one cancel or no-show since,” shared @beachyyblonde. “I tell them I require a Venmo deposit that I take off their bill. Highly recommend it!”


“I have had this happen to me. For the flaky, forgetful clients in my book I make a really strong effort to shoot a text 45 minutes prior saying, ‘Just to confirm we’re still on for your color at 3:45!'” added @nellabe11a.


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4. Removing a New Color Application


The Question
“I would love some advice on color correction. Last week, I used blue demi-permanent watercolors for lowlights on a lady with lightened/bleached, nearly white blonde, pourous hair. She just called and said her job will not let her keep the blue and now I have to take it out. I have Olaplex but I’m afraid if I put more bleach on her, not only will it melt her hair, but then I will be stuck with a green-ish, blue color that is so deep into the internal hair structure that I will never get it out. Are there any color removers that will remove demi color without bleach? What would you do?”


The Responses
PRAVANA Hair Color Extractor! It can be used up to three times in a day and I’ve used it several times on my own hair because I like having different colors all the time,” said @beautyschooldropout1122. “Do a deep condition after then proceed with the color that she decides to go with.”


“I used Wella Professionals Color Touch 00/0 Clear Tone with 10-volume developer and ColorpHlex and it worked instantly,” added @rachel_mungcal_hair. “Make sure you wash it off as soon as you see it change back.”


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