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Last updated: September 20, 2017

QUICKIE: Cutting Super Curly Hair

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Super-curly texture requires a cut that’s based on your creative eye rather than precise sectioning and trimming. This technique from Sebastian Professional Global Art Directors Shay Dempsey and Michael Polsinelli uses a twist-and-cut method to perfect those curls.


Watch the video and keep scrolling for the steps!


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  1. Prep the base with Twisted Elastic Cleanser, Twisted Elastic Treatment and Twisted Curl Magnifier Cream.


  1. Create a horseshoe parting from ear to ear, then split the horseshoe in two down the middle. Isolate the two half-horseshoe sections. In the bottom section, pick up small sections of hair, twist and cut on an angle, adding notches into the twist without closing the scissors all the way, to add texture.


  1. Repeat up the head, releasing hair from the top sections as you work.


  1. Apply Twisted Curl Lifter Foam to the hair, then diffuse.


  1. Apply Dark Oil to the diffused curls and shake the curls out for more volume.

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