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Last updated: March 15, 2024

How To: Punk Rock Pink at Any Age!

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How Robert Cromeans Creates A Soft Pink Pop

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, baby! Fashion colors are on-trend for ANYONE, no matter who you are. And nobody proves this better than Gisela and her perfect pink! Robert Cromeans, Global Artistic Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems, gives us the scoop:


“We met Gisela in a restaurant the night before our big show in Düsseldorf called Top Hair,” he shares. “We were looking for a young-at-heart model that I could open the show with. We saw her sitting at a table with her friend having a beer. Corina Bless, Paul Mitchell Educator and European Educational Leader, asked her if she would model for us, and she said YES!”


Corina, Gisela and Robert the night they met at a restaurant in Düsseldorf! “She was tipsy, so she said yes,” Robert said on Instagram.


The part of the show that Gisela opened, “Young at Heart,” featured mature women rocking color that’s not only super trendy and current, but bold and bright!


“Gisela loves her hair, but more than that, she said she loved how our whole team treated her and made her feel like a queen!” Robert says. “It’s true, hairdressers tend to touch more hearts than hair!”


Robert and his team on the stage with Gisela at Top Hair.


How Robert’s Team Gave Gisela A Pop of Pink:

“Gisela already has white hair, so I took a circular section out of her top and clipped it out of the way. I placed Paul Mitchell Hot Pink Inkworks underneath the circle and around the hairline in foil. I made a pastel pink using White Inkworks mixed with Hot Pink, and Paul Mitchell Master Associate Peter Hartmann applied that all over.”


Gisela holding hands with Show Choreographer Liam is the cutest! And her pics with her pal from the bar and Mary Cuomo, International Trainer for John Paul Mitchell Systems, are pretty great too!