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Last updated: October 03, 2017

Aloha! 8 Cut, Color and Style Tips from Paul Mitchell Hawaii

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“This seminar in Hawaii represents the best of the best of the Paul Mitchell family!” declared Paul Mitchell President John Paul DeJoria as he welcomed a few hundred of “the best” in the business to the Paul Mitchell Hawaii seminar on the beautiful Big Island. For the next four days, these lucky and dedicated stylists felt the love and the Aloha spirit of the place that company co-founder Paul Mitchell called home and the place where his son, Angus Mitchell, finds peace and inspiration. The event included a spiritual journey to the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Farm, where Paul is buried, and a series of educational showcases with the top Paul Mitchell educators—including Robert Cromeans, Stephanie Kocielski, Takashi Kitamura, Linda Yodice, Scott Cole, Lucie Doughty and Mary Cuomo and special guest, the iconic Jeanne Braa, Paul Mitchell’s original muse and Creative Director. Sure we hit the beach (who wouldn’t?) but everyone also left with a beach bag full of great ideas for getting busy back in the salon!




1. Stamp of Color. Mix a few drop of Paul Mitchell Inkworks semi-permanent Hot Pink or Orange with White to add a “stamp” of personality on a blonde client.  



2. Check Your Fabric. When it comes to color, says Paul Mitchell Artistic Director for Color Linda Yodice, it’s not only about choosing the right formula, it’s about examining the hair fabric in order to determine what you must use. Is the hair thirsty? Overly lightened?  These and other factors should guide you to making the best product and formula choices.



3. Find your Muse. To be successful in your hometown, says Artistic Director Scott Cole, locate “muses” and do them on your own time. They should be beautiful girls—restaurant hostesses, flight attendants. Their hair will be your signature and will bring you attention and referrals for the type of work you love to do.



4. Five-Finger Highlights. You don’t necessarily have to overthink or over-do your highlights, says Paul Mitchell Vice President of Education Stephanie Kocielski. The pattern can be as simple as placing your hand over the top of the client’s head, spreading out your fingers and then “decorating” the hair where your fingers land!


5. Communication Prevents the Freak-Out. Keep those lines of communication open, at all times during the color service, advises Stephanie. For example, Paul Mitchell Shines XG contain very dense pigment, so they appear darker and/or more vivid in the bowl.  Make sure the client understands that the intense color she sees in that bowl does not represent the end color result!



6. Razor to Fight the Puff.  When hair is extremely thick and fuzzy, Robert Cromeans advises using a razor to cut graduation onto the surface. “This tames the puffiness,” he explains. “Plus you’re not elevating the hair, you’re working off of the head shape, so the bob will last longer.” 


7. Rose Gold. Lots of clients are asking for this shade, says Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty. Applying two or three shades of copper and light copper highlights, using a hand-painting application, is a beautiful way to achieve rose gold tones.



8. From Gray to Red. Combine N formulas with copper to create gorgeous reds on gray clients. Here’s Lucie’s Paul Mitchell the Color formula for this client, who is 90% gray!


Base: 8RO + 7N + 20-volume
Midlengths and ends: 8RO + 7NB + 20-volume


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