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Last updated: March 13, 2024

Is 2024 The End Of The “Micro Trends” Era?

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Why Micro Trends Are Coming To An End & What This Means For Hairstylists

Love ’em or hate ’em, we may be saying goodbye to clients pulling up TikTok as a reference for the trendiest “new” haircut. 


Micro trends have been a pain point and career-changing for our industry the past several years. Many hairstylists feel client-centric hair “names” like The Butterfly Cut, Cowboy Copper, Quiet Luxury Color and more have diluted their craft; while others have walked to the bank thanks to the new client-stylist relationship these trend names have built.


Now, the question is—Are micro trends dying because they’re impractical for business? Or have consumers realized hyper fixations will never outlast personal style preferences? 


Micro Trend VS. Trend

A simple way to put this into perspective is to think about classic looks versus renditions of classic looks. A “trend” is something that comes into style for a notable amount of time—Long hair in the ’70s, feathered bangs in the ’80s, chunky highlights with layers in the ’90s, etc.  


A micro trend is a version of a trend, paired with a kitschy name for content or virality purposes. Micro trends are often created by a young(er) generation to relate to or recreate inspiring looks, which is a HUGE money-making opportunity in the salon.


Here’s a few examples:


Focus on mastering trends through fundamentals, refine your go-to techniques and make yourself a well-rounded stylist.


Why Micro Trends Are Coming To An End

First and foremost, as a hairstylist, your initial answer to this statement should not be, “Because micro trends are stupid”. Micro trends are not meant to withstand an industry, they’re made for the inspiration and inclusion of clients and consumers. 


That being said, the present day’s consumption of social media have clients in a whirlwind of chasing the constant next big thing. They’re tired, we’re tired, so let’s focus on what we can do to inspire our clients with fresh looks and feel-good styles complementary to them. 


What Micro Trends Have Taught Our Industry

  1. Clients are not aware of hair fundamentals, but they WANT to understand—this is fantastic for our wallets and careers.
  2. Appointments going off of photos and videos (instead of verbal requests) have changed the way hairstylists learn and teach.
  3. You don’t have to like everything, but you should be respectful of clients trying to make a connection with your career.


Change is okay. Learning in different ways, refreshing your core fundamentals and remembering this industry is built off of artistry and technique will never fail you in your career. 


Trends Will Never Die, Here’s How To Leverage Reality Vs. Virality

A lot of clients request a change when their favorite influencers or celebrities begin to veer into similar hair looks—fringe trends, red tones, a big chop…whatever it is, it’s your job to articulate options! 


We created our Trend Report not only to shine light on the industry’s artistry but for hairstylists to leverage this as a tool with their clients. 


Hand your clients these lists the next time you both want inspiration or a reference photo to talk through during a consultation: