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Last updated: October 18, 2017

Everything Must Go!

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You’ve decided to go out on your own and open your own salon. Great! You’ve managed to attain a great, hardworking staff and most of your clients. But to really be a successful salon owner, you need to capitalize on every opportunity to bring income in that you can—and that means retail! If you utilize retail properly, you can carve off a piece of this $2.5 billion+ industry. To become successful in retail, it is important to make sure your staff is behind you. After all, staff plays a major part in selling retail through recommendations and promotions. Here are some helpful tips from the pros at Schwarzkopf Professional to help you grow your retail business.


Recommendations Are Key



The majority of your clients want a personal recommendation or solution from the person they trust—YOU, their stylist. They also want a product that caters specifically to their needs. Remember, you are offering a service in your salon—home care is part of that service. You don’t even need to use the product on them—just your recommendation alone can seal the retail deal. In a survey that Schwarzkopf performed, they found that 71% of clients will purchase a product after a hairdresser’s recommendation. Here’s how to do it right:


1. Use Think Questions, Not Statements! You don’t need to hard sell, just ask the right questions to get the discussion started. This enables you to uncover all their hair needs. For example: How often do you get your hair done? What products do you use at home? Do you experience any problems with color retention, frizz control? What prevents you from achieving your desired look?


2. Listen. There is no substitute for a good listener! Use the time with your client in the chair to listen to their hair care needs so you can find the right products that will guarantee the best results.


3. Teach. Clients want their hair to look just as good the next day. Show them how to create the look you have styled for them. Explain why you’re using certain products and how the products will help them recreate the look at home.


4. Experience the Product. Place the product in your clients’ hands as you’re using it. This is not only informative, but will usually provoke a response or question, allowing the features and benefits of the product to naturally become a part of the conversation.


5. Keep a Client Record. Make a note of what products you recommended so you can ask your client at their next scheduled appointment. The new Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expert App can help you recommend products and share your client’s homecare regime via email.


Retail Support
If you are the salon owner, it is important to support and motivate your stylists and front desk staff when it comes to making retail sales. Try holding weekly meetings and sharing retail/sales success stories among the team. Celebrate weekly/monthly retail champions. Set targets and reward your team for hitting their goals! Talk about “old” faves or forgotten products that should be focused on.


But recommending products to your clients isn’t enough to really win the retailing game. You also have to set your salon up for success. This means thinking about your product display areas as well as marketing and promotions. Remember, in order for your front desk staff to be successful, your retail areas need to be clean and most importantly, approachable. Here are some helpful tips for organizing your retail shelves and marketing special promotions.


The Art of Merchandising


As much as we may like to pretend it doesn’t matter, your retail display plays a huge part in whether client will or won’t buy retail. If you set up your retail right, you can attract even more sales. After all, clients naturally gravitate to beautifully merchandised displays. If the shelf looks cluttered and messy, clients will walk away without a purchase. Here are some ways to optimize your retail shelves.


1. Salon Windows. Attract customers passing by and encourage walk-in sales from products displayed.


2. Waiting Area. Place your main displays here for optimal viewing.


3. At the Chair (consultation and finish). Use a small display, mirror cling or easel to prompt product discussions.


4. Sinks. Telling customers what is being used during their service directly impact their purchase decision. Remember to place any products being used in view of the client.


5. Cash Register. Place impulse purchase items such as small “hero” products or leaflets with special offers here.


The Art of Promotions



Promotions can boost product sales and generate trial, so why wouldn’t you want to offer special deals and services as a special price for your loyal clients? Plus, promotions can increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. They are also a great way to spark a client’s interest in a new and exciting product. Here are some tips to help you succeed!


1. Dedicate a special place in your salon to promotions and make it eye-catching!


2. During your client’s service make sure to mention any promotions you think they might like.


3. Have the cashier politely remind your client again as they’re checking out.


4. Send a monthly email to your clients to let them know about your current promotions!


5. Encourage feedback and ask your clients what promotions they would like to see.