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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Client Doesn’t Understand Lifting? Show ‘Em Your Towels

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Ever have a client that wants to go from a level 4 to a level 9 in one appointment (in 2 hours WITH healthy hair as a result)? And they just don’t understand that lifting to that level takes TIME, PROPER PRODUCT and PROFESSIONALISM. This part of the consultation can be frustrating and we at BTC feel you! Luckily for all of us, Kate Wessman (@katieclairedoeshair) at Haven Beauty Co in American Fork, UT created a visual representation of the bleaching process using a salon staple: black towels! So of course, we’re screaming it from the rooftops. Scroll through to see Kate’s perfect explanation of the lightening process!



Some Key Points From Kate:

  • The deeper the starting Level the more warmth will be revealed during the bleaching process.
  • The more lightening that takes place the more pigment is removed. This also leads to damage, the fibers begin to break down and become thinner as the bleaching continues. 
  • “Warmth is 100 % INEVITABLE when lifting out pigment,” which is why as Kate puts it, “toners are a blessing.” 


Scroll through to see Kate’s entire post about the bleaching and lifting process! 


BONUS: Kate Shares a Toning Tip!

Ever tried to get a client to a white blonde but it comes out with more silver or violet undertones? If the end result is ashier than the client was asking for, Kate suggests adding a warm toner (like Redken 9AA, an auburn shade) to your formula. “The cool tones do their thing and fight unwanted yellow and brassy tones,” Kate explains. “But the 9AA keeps them from going blue/violet/silver/dull. It also slows down the toning process a little and gives you time to work the toner through the hair and gives you control so you can maintain an even tone throughout all the hair.”