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Last updated: April 18, 2019

@caitlinfordhair’s Viral Rainbow Fringe How-To

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Caitlin Ford Breaks Down Her Striking Rainbow Bangs

Ever been curious about how BTC Team Member Caitlin Ford (@caitlinfordhair) achieves her holographic rainbow bangs? You’re not alone. Caitlin’s quickie Instagram tutorial has generated over 1.6M views! We’ve broken down some key tips that’ll make the application process easier. Get the deets below!



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Tip 1: Dilute The Color

Rainbow bangs require a variety of different colors to create the desired affect. An easy way to create lighter shades and pastels is to use white conditioner or clear haircolor. “I use conditioner to dilute all the time when I don’t have clear,” says Caitlin. 



Tip 2: Use Meche As A Surface

Meche is a great material to use as a surface when painting the hair. Caitlin cuts a half circle in the front to fit along her hairline and uses two clips to hold it in place. Looking for meche? We’ve got you covered!


Tip 3: Work In Small Sections

The first section will serve as your guiding point for applying color throughout the rest of the hair, so Caitlin advises starting off on a thin layer of hair. As you move forward your sections will become bigger.



Tip 4: Apply Conditioner To The Roots

Before you start painting, apply a thin layer of conditioner to the roots. This helps the hair adhere to the meche for added stability before the haircolor is applied. Make sure you don’t get any conditioner on the bleached hair, so it doesn’t interfere with the color.


Tip 5: Manipulate The Direction

Caitlin also uses direction and overdirection when applying the conditioner to create a -shape in her bangs. This makes the rainbow hues appear to drop in the front and gradually lift closer to the hairline along the edges when pushed back together. 



Tip 6: Saturate The Hair With Color

Saturating the hair with color will make it easier when moving from section to section. “I try to shift the hair back and forth with my brush when I’m applying, just to make sure I get that saturation… So when I take my next section down, the top of this section will actually help to saturate the section that lays over it.”


Tip 7: Rinse With Ice Cold Water

People ask Caitlin all the time how she makes sure the colors don’t mix during the rinsing process. The answer is simple! Prevent unwanted bleeding by rinsing the hair in ice cold water. 


Watch The Video How-To Below!



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