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Last updated: April 10, 2020

Blowout Tips And Techniques Every Client Should Know

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Send Clients Home With This Blowout Cheat Sheet
Don’t give your client’s good hair day an expiration date! Instead, teach them tricks for styling their own hair at home. Not only are clients walking advertisements for your hair services, but education = retention and loyalty! That’s why we’re dishing a video how-to from Caitlin Ford (@caitlinfordhair) on how clients can blowout their own hair—plus tips you can send them home with for drying fringe, finer texture and coarser curls!


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Watch the video how-to below & scroll for the breakdown, plus blowout tips!

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Get The Blowout Steps

  1. Towel-dry and apply amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Volume Spray to the roots for lift.
  2. Apply amika Plus Size Perfect Body Mousse all over for extra body.
  3. Rough-dry the hair with The Accomplice Dryer by amika until it’s 80 percent dry, using your fingers to lift at the roots. Rough-drying before using a round brush drastically cuts down the blowout time while smoothing out strands.
  4. Working in sections the same size as your round brush, start at the nape and work up the head. Point the nozzle down the hair shaft (from roots to ends), and rotate the round brush to seal the cuticle and eliminate frizz as you work up the section.
  5. When the section is wrapped around the brush, hit it with the dryer’s cool shot to create hold for optimal volume and bounce. Continue this technique up the head.
  6. Finish with some next-level volume by applying amika Vandal Matte Volume Powder to the roots and work in the product with your fingers.


Clients With Fringe? Section Like This
Before rough-drying, section out the fringe area and blow-dry here first. Dry at the root using a small paddle brush, pushing from the left to right to prevent any cowlicks from pushing the fringe apart. Then, smooth down with a round brush for a shiny finish.


Add Fullness To Fine Hair Texture
For clients with finer texture, focus on lifting the brush up as you blow-dry each section. This will create more volume at the base for an overall fuller-looking effect.


Curly or Coarse Hair = More Tension
Take sections that are large enough to be pulled straight and taught while brushing. The more tension you are able to pull each section as you blow-dry, the smoother the results.



They’ve slayed the blowout, now what? Show them this undone waves how-to!

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