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Last updated: July 15, 2022

6 Silk Press Tips For Achieving A Smooth Finish

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6 Silk Press Tips To Start Using ASAP

A silk press is the perfect service for textured clients looking to smooth their strands without the chemical process. “A silk press is a treat for natural texture clients,” explains expert Miriam Gorham (@lovemiriamg). So we asked Miriam, John George III (@johnwgeorge) and Kendra Alia (@ken_lili) to share their tips on how to achieve the perfect silk press.


Scroll down for their advice on consultations, how the proper prep can make or break an appointment and their go to at-home care.



Tip #1: Be Honest About How The Service Fits With The Client’s Lifestyle 

Avoiding moisture is a big part of post-service care, so ask your client about their lifestyle during the consultation. If they love a good workout, be honest about how this will affect their results. 


“I would never tell a client no, but I am honest about the pros and cons,” Miriam explains. “Since it is not a chemical service, clients that workout and sweat regularly will see their hair revert back to its natural curl pattern more quickly.”


Check Out Miriam’s Instagram Post Breaking Down The Pros & Cons!

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Tip #2: Avoid Buildup & Disrupting The Curl Pattern

The secret to a successful service is a clean scalp, so start with a detox and thorough cleanse.


“The finished result relies heavily on the first step,” John George explains. “Buildup on the hair and the scalp can make the finished result look greasy when heat is applied. It can also damage the client’s natural curl pattern causing the elasticity to weaken over time.” 


Tip #3: Work In Small, Controlled Sections 

Avoid unevenness by taking smaller sections when blow-drying and straightening. A silk press service is all about patience, so take your time and only take sections that are easy to control. John George prefers to start sectioning in the back, allowing all of the pressed hair to lay together, instead of clipping it out of the way. 


Pro Tip: Quality tools help create quality results, so John George recommend the Masters Infrared 1.5 inch flat iron by CROC.


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Tip #4: Explain The Importance of At-Home Care & Maintenance 

A successful silk press can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks, but proper aftercare is essential to a long-lasting style. “Protecting the hair from water and moisture is huge for keeping the hair straight and smooth,” Kendra explains. Below, she shared the at-home advice she gives to clients:


  • Always wear a shower cap to protect from humidity and water.
  • Wear a breathable silk scarf or bonnet when sleeping to protect from sweat and keep the hair straight.
  • Avoid applying products that contain a lot of water and or alcohol.
  • Use low heat when styling to avoid heat damage.


Tip #5: Recommend Trim & Treatment Touch-Up Appointments 

Trims are essential for retaining length and avoiding excessive shedding. Miriam recommends her clients come in 2-3 weeks after a silk press service for a trim and treatment, to keep hair healthy and strong. 


Tip #6: Avoid These Silk Press Mistakes

Perfect the process by avoiding these common mistakes:


  • Stay away from products that contain alcohol and sulfates, which can be extremely drying to textured hair. 
  • High heat does not equal faster results. Take time to feel the client’s hair and understand their texture, porosity and density. Then, adjust products and tools accordingly to avoid damage. 
  • Avoid flat-ironing a section multiple times. Focus more on the shampoo and blowout prep which will create an ideal canvas for the flat iron.


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