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Last updated: July 24, 2017

5 Ways To Crush It When You’re On Your Own

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You’ve never been one to follow a crowd. You start the trends. You’re a born leader. You have a plan for success, and you’re pushing hard to get there.


Yep, sounds like you’re meant to be an independent stylist! Whether you’re already finding fulfillment as an entrepreneur or you’re considering the leap to self-employment, there are pros and cons. Creative freedom, flexibility and an awesome sense of making your own way in the world top the list of pros. But you’ll also deal with the not-so-fun stuff (think bookkeeping, inventory and licensing). Kadus Professional feels you, because Kadus was created specifically to ease the way for independent stylists. Carole Protat, North American Creative Director for Wella Professionals (Kadus’ sister brand), reveals how to succeed as an independent stylist, and how the Kadus brand can help!


1. Be on the forefront of trends with education on YOUR schedule.


The hair industry is huge, but workshops and shows are often centered in big cities like L.A. and NYC. How can stylists everywhere else keep on top of trends? “All stylists have the same passion, instinct and commitment, but not necessarily the same tools or access to industry knowledge,” Carole says. Here’s where Kadus comes in—the company’s Learn It, Live It, Share It education commitment means 24/7 digital education via the app, plus interactive webinars and hands-on education around the country. Pull up their education wherever you are, any time of day, and check “being a trendsetter” off your to-do list.


2. Never be lonely!


A potential downside to independence is isolation. “The exchange of ideas is key to growing stylists’ skills and developing their business know-how,” Carole shares. “A community of like-minded professionals is important to the stylist who lacks the support or resources that a large salon or chain can offer.” Through the Kadus app and through Instagram, (@Kadusprousa), independent stylists share ideas and showcase their work. Share your work with #kaduspro for feedback and inspiration! Need more coaching? Kadus’ “Ask the Expert” button in the app connects you to a Kadus professional (kind of like iMessage) so you get answers immediately.


3. Consider hiring an assistant.


So you’re totally killing it and your client base is growing. In fact, it’s actually becoming a lot to handle. Carole’s tip? Hire an assistant. “It’s a smart business strategy, since an assistant can help increase sales and client volume and having one builds a talent pool,” she says. “It can also be deeply satisfying to help someone else grow his or her career.” Check with nearby cosmetology schools for candidates. “Just remember that being a good mentor involves constructive criticism, continuous feedback, ongoing education and lots of patience,” Carole adds.


4. Once you’ve got your clients, keep ‘em.


The best ways to keep clients is with technical mastery and a customized approach, Carole says. Clients rely on you for your expertise, whether it’s recommending a product or explaining how a new style can help them achieve their beauty goals. Stay up to speed on new techniques and trends with Kadus’ seasonal “Trend Directions” release. Also, keep detailed notes on your clients—and use them. “Create a routine that allows you to take notes about your appointments so you have accurate information in the palm of your hand,” Carole advises. It’s as easy as opening the Kadus app and using the Client Cards to jot down formulas, styling routines and preferences after each client’s appointment.


5. Keep your inventory lean.


When you’re on your own, you juggle so many tasks. You want to work smarter, not harder, so worrying about product inventory shouldn’t be an issue. The Kadus color line was tailor-made for solo businesses and small spaces. It’s a curated, intuitive assortment of the most popular colors to make the most of limited dispensary space. Plus, the entire line ranges from $5 to $15—prices which make a lot of sense for a growing business. Something else that’s cool? When you need more product, just switch from Snapchat or Instagram (we know you’re sharing your work!) to the Kadus app and select what you need.


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