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Last updated: June 17, 2019

WATCH: How To Refresh Balayage In 10 Minutes

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Watch: How To Refresh Balayage In 10 Minutes

Balayage remains on top as one of the most-requested haircolor techniques, but how do you handle the in-between stage when those bright blonde pieces start to look a little dull? BTC Team Member Ryan Weeden (@ryan.weeden/@mastersofbalayage) took to Instagram to share his 10-minute balayage refresher technique on client/wife Jeni Weeden, and we break it all down below. (Hint: It’s all about the babylights.) Watch the video, then keep reading for the color formulas, how-to steps and the finished look.



Watch The Video How-To Below

Products Used


Color Formulas

Formula A: Kadus Professional Blonding Powder + 13-volume developer

Formula B: Kadus Demi-Permanent Color 6N + 8PA + 6-volume developer



1. Start by painting back-to-back babylights on the sides along the hairline using Formula A.


2. Next, continue using Formula A and add two back-to-back babylights on the top section plus a third teasy-light foil directly behind to create a strong money piece.


3. Process for about 20 minutes or until the babylights reach a pale yellow tone.


4. Rinse, then apply Formula B to damp hair to create the shadow root. Process for 10 minutes. “Because her color was so rich at the root with bright blonde and natural hues throughout, we decided against using a toner,” shares Ryan.


Finished look // Instagram via @jeniweeden




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