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Last updated: July 19, 2017

5 New Ideas to Improve Your Salon

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As a business owner, it’s your job to think of new and exciting ways to keep clients happy. This means going above and beyond a typical retail discount or half off a particular service each month. This means offering luxury services that are custom to your salon, each and every day. That way, new and existing clients will recognize your salon as a one-stop shop for all their beauty needs. Mick Visconti, Regional Sales Manager at Takara Belmont USA, offers five quick service opportunities to you can use to add value to your salon.  


1. Breathe. It’s the cardinal rule—place your clients first—but the whirlwind of running a business, creating a work/life balance and staying up-to-date with the latest in education can turn into a whirlwind burnout. Take a few deep breaths to refresh and refocus before each client, or before the seemingly endless list of appointments kick-off each day. These few precious moments are the simplest ways to add value and can translate into a world of difference behind the chair.


2. Add Convenience. Blend á la carte service items into your salon menu or work with a partner to increase the options for your salon or spa. The added services to your salon repertoire can entice new clients to visit for an all-inclusive, one-stop experience. All-purpose chairs offer the flexibility for services from color, cut and style to eyebrow threading, tinting and waxing.



3. Remove Barriers. Pair the creative talent of your salon with tools that don’t limit their choices to speed or quality. Give them the freedom to have speed AND quality. With up to 50 percent improved processing time that offers both deep color permeation and enhanced results, the Roller Ball F Multi-Processor from Takara Belmont delivers the speed and power your team needs to improve their client capacity without cutting corners or rushing clients out of the door.



4. Offer Exclusivity. Red carpet, VIP service programs can attract both new and existing clients. It adds a new layer of exclusivity for participants to feel extra special with access to all of the program benefits. You can offer monthly blowouts or the latest in service trends such as head-spa treatments, luxurious massages or deep conditioning treatments to keep both hair and scalp happy and healthy.


5. Expand Retail. A brief consultation to educate customers on product use and application, a front row seat in the product of the month club, or even the addition of subtle underlighting for your retail display can breathe life back into one of your key revenue streams. It’s important to encourage clients to seek expert advice from your team for all of their beauty needs.