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Last updated: November 08, 2017

10 Requirements for Becoming a Better Leader

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Refine Your Thinking and Behavior to Achieve a High Standard of Leadership That Produces Success


“To become a no compromise leader is an all-or-nothing proposition. You want it or you don’t. Anything less is a compromise,” states award-winning author, Neil Ducoff, in his best-selling book No-Compromise Leadership. Here are some of Neil’s time-tested, highly-acclaimed strategies.


Neil suggests that to better understand your quest, there are 10 requirements that you must study and agree to before you can begin the journey to becoming a no-compromise leader. Each requirement raises the bar and makes you stretch, no doubt. They require discipline and planning to keep the focus on achieving your cultural and financial goals.


1. Clarity. Have absolute clarity on where you’re taking your company. This means defining objectives and action plans to bring your vision and mission in your business or work into the highest level of alignment.


2. Values. If you want them, live them. A business is admired for its uncompromising quality, relentless customer service and delivering what it promised when it was promised. These qualities are driven by the culture created and governed by a company’s values.


3. Accountability. If it needs to be done, get it done. It takes more than “showing up” as an owner, manager or independent stylist. It takes resolve, tenacity and courage to begin and stay the course of being accountable for your role and responsibilities.


4. Transparent. No excuses when you compromise. Take responsibility when you compromise and own it. This creates a level of transparency that reveals your human side, demonstrates that you are not infallible and have no hidden agenda.


5. Culture. Don’t destroy from within. Confront the reality of what is happening in your company, as negative behavior contaminates the culture. Don’t fail to act. It’s your responsibility to protect your culture and to do so at all costs.


6. Unity. Don’t be dictatorial and inflexible. Being a no compromise leader doesn’t meant that you become an imposing messenger of darkness who demands unquestioned, unrelenting and absolute obedience.


7. Focus. Avoid office-itis. Don’t get bogged down in day-to-day minutia or other projects that keep you disconnected from the current reality and performance of the business. 


8. Strategic. Manage what’s on your plate. Many individuals confuse no compromise leadership with, “I must do it all.” Well, you can’t do it all, and when you try, you create that impressive wake that throws everyone in your company off balance. Give your company a break – manage what’s on your plate.


9. Resolute. Be tenacious and courageous. These qualities get you through the tough times and are absolute requirements in being a no-compromise leader. When you go through dark periods, you must be resolute to find your way back to balance and success.


10. Inspiring. Lead with passion. If you don’t have passion for what you do, it’s just too easy to give up – to compromise. Without passion, work is work. Who wants to follow a leader with no passion?


Finally, for the no compromise leader, having fun is essential. Fun puts spunk in your step and gives you energy. When you’re having fun, it’s infectious in the most positive way possible to everyone you come in contact with. The leader’s mood and demeanor set the tone for the company.

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