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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Wahl ’19 Men’s Grooming from Wahl Professional

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Men’s grooming has evolved since the tailor-made cuts of the early ’20s. Flash forward to today and stylists need solid tools to create the great, modern styles men want. Wahl ’19, is the innovative new line for men from Wahl Professional, it’s also your first means to healthy hair and artistic swagger.

Wahl’s new collection for men gives hair and skin exactly what it needs, along with the attitude and confidence that come from the most stringent credentials. All products in the Wahl ’19 line fall within the desired 4.5 to 5.5 pH range for hair to look its best.

“The thing everyone’s hair and skin have in common is pH,” said Lance Wahl, Director of Sales and Marketing, Wahl Clipper Corporation Professional Division. “The pH is universal and we have taken the time to formulate this product line to create hair and skin solutions that work for all clients. And barbers and stylists now have a high quality, multipurpose line of men’s products that will work on all hair and skin types.”

The new Wahl ’19 line contains four products – COMPLETE, CONTROL, NO STING and MORTAR.

COMPLETE is an over-all shampoo and body wash. For hair, COMPLETE is the ultimate shampoo that cleans dirty buildups and leaves hair with a fresh, invigorating scent. When applied as a body cleanser, it thoroughly cleans pores, eliminating odors in the process without drying, irritating or stripping essential oils and nutrients.

CONTROL is an all-in-one conditioner, grooming and shaving cream solution. CONTROL conditioner is infused with wheat proteins and amino acids that help restore damaged hair. As a grooming cream, it tames beards and softens skin. Plus, its flexible, making it a great shaving cream alternative, offering a low-pH and alcohol-free formula that’s safe for all skin types.

And freshly-shaved skin deserves extra-special care. Enter NO STING, an alcohol-free astringent that moisturizes skin, closes pores and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

The style touch comes from MORTAR, a low-pH and alcohol-free product that protects hair.

“The attraction of a great men’s hairstyle is bold definition and extreme flexibility,” said Laura VanderMoere, Director of Education in the Professional Division at Wahl. “MORTAR protects hair from whatever is thrown at it. It can easily transition from a clean 9 to 5 business look to a more daring, edgy look for night. MORTAR is a matte finishing paste that is moldable and pliable yet provides the hair with superior hold they can run their hands through.”

No matter the trends, healthy hair is always in style. For more information on Wahl ’19, visit