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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Pureology Pure Volume for Fine Color-Treated Hair


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Has your client’s hair become dry, damaged and limp after all of those color treatments? Pureology has the perfect products to energize and wake up those deprived strands! This season Pureology has created the Pure Volume collection for fine color-treated hair which includes an assortment of four different products to perk up those locks! They neutralize free radical damage while maintaining color retention, filling your clients hair with vitamin C and E. This is the exact burst of healthy hydration your client’s hair needs in order to go back to looking its best!

The Product Lineup
Pure Volume Shampoo
-delicate purifiers to maximize body and root elevation
Pure Volume Condition-rehydrates hair while minimizing static and providing enhanced body
Pure Volume Instant Levitation Mist-heat protected spray that builds body and bounce
Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier-fortifying wheat protein and eucalyptus to ease blow-drying hair while infusing hair with extra volume

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Pureology Pure Volume for Fine Color-Treated Hair