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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Lime Light Hair Industries Hair Link Extensions

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When it comes to hair extensions, your clients want fullness, they want the hair to blend seamlessly and they want it feel and look natural. Now they can have it all, and then some with Lime Light Hair Industries Hair Link Extensions. This new method of extensions uses reusable, 100 percent natural, raw, full cuticle hair. Simply apply the extensions using a simple, unique “Hair Link.” The actual link embeds hair seamlessly within existing hair in individual sections for a more natural effect. Best of all, it only takes seconds to apply hair in individual sections. The unique links and application allow the hair to move in a 360-degree formation so it flows, lays and feels natural—while still appearing flat and undetectable.

Hair remains damage-free because no glue, wax, braiding, sewing or tape is used. The Lime Light Hair Extension and Enhancement System is comfortable, undetectable and gentle, leaving hair looking effortlessly stunning. Blend and mix extensions in up to three shades. The Lime Light Hair link is applied using a flawless side-by-side pattern, as well as a brick layering technique, while placing individual extensions. The patented Hair Lock technology allows the hair extension to lay flat against the scalp, going across. Simply pick up the link, slip it into the section of hair and clamp. That’s it!

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