Last updated: June 21, 2024

IQ Lite Max

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GA.MA Professional has announced the exciting launch of their IQ Lite Max hair dryer, featuring a beautiful Italian design and unique technological details. With its sleek, contoured shape that molds seamlessly into a stylist’s hand and a pistol grip-inspired design, this dryer offers maximum comfort and balance.


GA.MA Italy Professional engines are engineered for longevity, making them perfect for prolonged, continuous use (see why below!) Equipped with two speeds, three temperatures and a cool shot function, it offers a tailored airflow and temperature control for diverse styling needs. 


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The IQ Lite Max’s Unique Features:

  • 32mm MAX Digital Power Motor: Allows the dryer to generate more pressure and airflow, ensuring efficient and powerful drying every time
  • GA.MA Professional’s Patented Venturi Turbo Technology: This ingenious feature multiplies airflow without consuming extra energy through a suction effect, significantly reducing drying times for clients.
  • E-System C Technology: This dryer includes an indicator light at the back of the handle that alerts users when filters need replacement or cleaning. This smart technology allows the dryer to detect unsuitable conditions of use, preventing interruptions and extending the hair dryer’s lifespan
  • Active Oxygen Emission: This dryer emits active oxygen, acting as a powerful antibacterial to protect and fortify the scalp, ensuring maximum hair health.
  • External Micro Perforated Filter: Designed to stop even dirt particles from entering the dryer and reaching the hair. It’s visible and easy to remove to facilitate routine cleaning
  • Professional Mesh Filter: Specially created to trap even the smallest environmental particles. Protects hair from dirt and ensures a longer motor lifespan. Includes three additional filters
  • COLOR LOCK Effect: The IQ Lite Max facilitates superior color fixation, ensuring lasting vibrancy with a unique COLOR LOCK effect
  • Hanging hook​​ with professional 3m cord
  • Features a lightweight design (under 1 lb.) that’s built to last
  • Air Flow: 75 (m³/h)
  • Power: 1600W

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The IQ Max Lite comes in both Black and Red versions and is available for purchase now at

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