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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Creative Permanent Colour from milk_shake


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Beauty and brains makes for one sweet combination. Especially when we are talking hair colour.
milk_shake’s creative permanent crème colour features NanoBioGenius technology, which provides a longer-lasting shine and conditioning. It also grants a highly creative coloring that allows unlimited combinations, for endless results.

milk_shake’s NanoBioGenius Technology is a patented system based on Nanotechnology that aids in quick penetration and an intense, deep, long- lasting colour.
The active ingredients are very similar to natural hair, restructuring and strengthening hair fiber, giving long-lasting shine and improving color stability.

What’s more, this colour works smart and multitasks on the cortex, cuticle and shaft, from the innermost to the outer layers.

milk_shake creative colour iscreamy, easy to apply and with a pleasant honey fragrance. It is available in the following shades:
natural /exotic natural / sensual warm / ash / golden / copper / mahogany / red/ violet / correctives / fantasy black / ultra blond / booster.

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Creative Permanent Colour from milk_shake