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Last updated: September 13, 2017

Victoria Rowe’s Celebrity Brow How-To

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Victoria Rowe’s Celebrity Brow How-To

Celebrity Makeup Artist and LaVaque Tweezer fan Victoria Rowe recently worked on the set with one of her favorite celebrity clients Katy Mixon (co-star of HBO’sEastbound and Down” and co-starring in new the new Sandra Bullock movie).  Learn how Rowe raised some “brows” on the set with this how-to!


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    Step 1: 
    For Katy Mixon, Rowe started with a stencil from Anastasia for Medium arch brows.  Fill the stencils in on both brows with a brown eye shadow so you know what you have left to shape. 

    Step 2:  
    Next, take a brow brush and brush the hair straight up, and trim off a tiny bit of the tips with brow scissors to thin out the density of the brow to make it sit better. 

    Final Step:
    Next, take your LaVaque tweezers and gently remove any leftover hairs under the arch first, and then tweeze a few of the obvious hairs on the top until the brow shape matches where the stencil was filled in. 

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    “This is a recent photo of myself and one of my favorite clients, Katy Mixon, star of the HBO Series “Eastbound and Down“, produced by Will Farrell,” explained Rowe.  “She is featured in several big movies coming out this summer as well.  We were shooting 3 or 4 different looks for Katy before she had to take off to film again.”

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    “LaVaque Tweezers are so light and easy to use,” exclaimed Rowe.  “It was almost shocking to the system how easy the tweezers were to use.  Usually I break out my Tweezerman or Anastasia tweezers, but not this time.  Katy remarked that she didn’t feel them at all, which was a BIG plus, and I was able to clean up fine brow hairs quickly and with very little effort.  I will be using them exclusively from now on!”


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    It’s simple and clean and painless with the LaVaque tweezers, and my hand isn’t cramping in pain either!  Thank you, LaVaque for the best tweezers on the market!!! – Celebrity Makeup Artist Victoria Rowe

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