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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Two Updo How-Tos from Nathan Rosenkranz

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Two Updo How-Tos from Nathan Rosenkranz

Nathan Rosenkranz of patrick mcivor color studio worked backstage at Fashion Week, creating two very different–but equally sweet–updos. Even though these ‘dos were meant for spring, we see no reason why they wouldn’t be perfect for a holiday party right now. Here are the how-tos for an angelic, slightly textured ‘do and a sleek, twisted chignon. Your clients will be sure to have a very happy holiday in these head-turning styles.



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    As always, the foundation is important, and for this look, it’s imperative.

    Step 1: Spray hair with Matrix Amplify Full Body Texturizer and blow dry using fingers – this will create simple natural texture
    Step 2: Separate the hair on the top of the head into a horseshoe shape and clip out of the way
    Step 3: Take sides and back into a French twist and pull hair up and out of the top of the twist just below the crown

    Step 1: Leave out about a quarter inch section on the edge around the front and sides of the horseshoe
    Step 2: Use a lacing technique with your cushion brush to create a little volume throughout the rest of the section
    Step 3: Gently twist and form the hair into a cushion on top of the head
    Step 4: Use the edges of the section that were left out to sweep up, over, and around the cushion disguising it, but not totally hiding it
    Step 5: Finish with small flowers and/or pretty jeweled hair accessories and spray with Matrix Vavoom ShapeMAKER Shaping Spray for hold

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    Step 1: Spray Matrix Biolage Smoothing Shine Milk into hair and blow-dry directionally towards the back of the head, this will make securing a nice smooth ponytail much easier
    Step 2: Secure ponytail low on the head
    Step 3: Place a fine hairnet around the ponytail and pin to secure – the net will help keep hair smooth and in place
    Step 4: Take the hair to one side of the ponytail and use a grip to secure the hair to the head
    Step 5: Pull the ponytail to the opposite side and repeat
    Step 6: Take the end of the ponytail back to the middle and wrap it over and around the middle to create a bow chignon
    Step 7: Finish with Matrix Vavoom ShapeMAKER Shaping Spray for extra hold