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March 27, 2014

Romantic Finger Waves from ProRituals


Romantic Finger Waves from ProRituals

Turn an ordinary look into extraordinary by adding an element of old world romanticism. By creating ’40s style pin curls and brushing through the hair at the bottom, you can easily create luscious, undone texture waves with old Hollywood charm.

Who did it
Hair: Terrence Michael Renk for ProRituals
Makeup: Lori Lelb for Bodyography Cosmetics
Assistant: Amanda Staples
Website: www.ProRituals.com

ProRituals Products Used:
Adapt Working Spray
Mega Hold

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  • 1

    Prep Hair with ProRituals ColorFuel for smoothness and moisture then spritz ProRituals Light Play Styling Spray for a slow, drying setting solution.

  • 2

    Place marcel waves into the hair until you reach the jawline. Use a marcel iron or, a traditional finger wave setting method. Vintage wave clamps were used for this wave set.

  • 3

    With remaining hair apply ProRituals Adapt Working Spray to each section and set into spiral type curls tighter at the ends. Achieve this with a small curling wand, then pin in place.

  • 4

    Once set, spray hair with a few pumps of ProRituals Light Play Styling Spray and let dry completely. A hooded dryer is recommended.

  • 5

    Remove pins first, then clamps. Lightly brush through hair with a Marilyn New Yorker brush or, a boar/nylon mix brush, keeping finger waves in their original form.

  • 6

    Push hair in a loose backcombing method, teasing the curled hair until it forms a shape just at jaws length. Pin with Marilyn bobby pins so it has a horizontal shape on the underside of the hairstyle.

  • 7

    Apply ProRituals Mega Hold Hairspray for a event lasting hold and shine.

  • 8

    Bodyography Cosmetics was applied for a dramatic evening look.