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Last updated: February 02, 2009

Recreating “The Rihanna” with Suki Duggan

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Recreating “The Rihanna” with Suki Duggan

There’s nothing “Disturbia” about Rihanna’s updated, asymmetrical bob.  This week, celebrity stylist Suki Duggan shares the inside scoop on re-creating this Grammy-worthy look for your clients.  Crank up your speakers, bust a move and learn the how-to.


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  • close formula

    • Hair is sectioned at the crown, creating a point at the nape.
    • Using a comb as a guide, make a strong, slightly concave outline working up to the occipital bone.
    • Layer the back sections into a curved line working with the head shape and using the previously cut outline as a guide.  Every subsequent section should be over-directed to the first to maintain more length in the perimeter.  Repeat in front of the ear.
    • Create horizontal layers starting at the crown, overlapping slightly with each subsequent section.
    • Repeat for the front section and over-direct the first section to keep weight through the fringe.
    •  Blow-dry hair and cut freehand to perfection.

  • close formula

    • Add a little cream moisturizer to control frizz and fly-aways.
    • Curly hair should be blow-dried in order to control the hair’s shape by using a large round brush.
    • Thin, straight hair, needs a volume spray before blow-drying and a light hairspray to keep the hair in place.
    • Flat-iron hair in sections, gently curve the iron under at the very end to make a sloping curl that angles into the face. Spray lightly with a flexible-hold hairspray.
    • For more shape and control try using a firm styling foam or gel.
    • Finish with a light holding spray followed by either oil sheen spray or a few drops of shine serum.