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May 3, 2010

Mastering Modern Waves with Kevin Murphy


Mastering Modern Waves with Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy, BTC’s friend from Down Under, sure knows how to create one heck of a killer wave. Maybe it’s because he’s surrounded by a beautiful surf 24-7—or maybe because he’s a brilliant stylist—but either way, the waves he created on actress Melissa George for InStyle Australia’s 10th anniversary issue are perfect in every way. They’re part Hollywood glam, part undone and beachy, and we think the look is just what your clients will be clamoring for this summer.

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    Kevin began by prepping Melissa’s hair with HEATED.DEFENCE, then dried it in completely.

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    Next, he curled her hair section by section with a small curling iron, then wrapped her hair around 8 medium-sized curlers and let set.

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    Melissa has very beautiful, amazing color, so the simple styling highlighted her natural look, Kevin says.

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    “We shot Melissa on the beach in Melbourne on a stormy summer day. I wanted her hair to look windswept but at the same time I had to make sure the style held all day,” says Kevin. He used a lot of SESSION.SPRAY during the course of the day and made sure to brush the hair after each spraying. “This allowed the hair to hold the style all day long but look lived-in and soft to the touch,” he adds.