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December 21, 2014

Delicate Waves


Delicate Waves

What’s the perfect style for any occasion? Light, wispy waves, of course. This sweet, elegant look, courtesy of Olivia Garden is soft, yet sophisticated—perfect for parties, holidays and anything in-between. Here’s how its done!


  • 1

    Section off the center portion of the hair directly above the forehead, securing the rest of the hair behind the head using an Olivia Garden Double Clip.

  • 2

    Blow-dry the hair using the Olivia Garden Heat Pro Thermal Round Brush to minimize dry time, and protect the hair from heat damage. Style the hair in a curl using upward strokes. Once the hair is dry, set the curl by securing the hair in a roll using another Double Clip.

  • 3

    Move on to the hair on the sides and back of the head, blow-drying individual sections of hair outward and downward, toward the chin.

  • 4

    Once dry, clip each section into a roll to set the curls.

  • 5

    To create volume at the crown, divide the back of the hair into two sections. For the top section, blow-dry hair upward first, then use a downward rolling motion to finish drying before pinning it up into a roll.

  • 6

    Repeat with the bottom section at the back of the head.

  • 7

    To finish the look, apply some extra heat from the blow dryer and spray the set curls with an anti-humidity spray.

  • 8

    Allow the curls to cool for five minutes, then remove the Double Clips.

  • 9

    Gently brush out the curls using the Olivia Garden Divine 100 percent Boar Brush to add shine.

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