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August 27, 2008

AG Hair Cosmetics “Skyscraper” How-To

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AG Hair Cosmetics “Skyscraper” How-To

The pixie is in right now, thanks to chic stars like Rihanna, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams. This short look from AG Hair Cosmetics’ Architecture Collection has a fresh and modern outline that really does take style to new heights.

Its subtle disconnection and versatile texture make styling options limitless, while the flexible waves and ability to accentuate the face give this look a soft, yet edgy feel.

To learn more, go to www.aghaircosmetics.com


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    Section exact working areas: top, back, sides, as per diagram.

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    Divide the back section horizontally with a curved parting at the occipital.

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    Beginning in the lower back section take a 1” vertical section down the center.

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    Cutting palm to palm and elevating at 45°, cut to 2” with a 45° cutting angle. Continue through entire section, using the initial section as a non-stationary guideline, being sure to stay on base.

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    Proceed to the top/back section and with the same approach; continue the 45° angle connecting to the crown area.

    Moving to the side, establish a 1” diagonal back parting at the front hairline. Elevate this section to 45° and cut to 2–3” length.

    Using the initial section as a stationary guide, cut the rest of this section following the same sectioning and approach.

    Repeat on the other side.

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    Release the top section allowing for natural fall. over the top of the head at the crown, create a 1” wide band section. elevate at 90° and point cut straight across. this will be the guideline for the entire top section.

    Connect the top to the back with a vertical section including the guide from the top and follow the shape of the head, connecting into the back section. Continue on either side with slightly curved sections being sure to not over direct.

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    From the crown to the front hairline, establish a 1” wide section over the natural side part. Again, using the guideline from the crown, point cut, increasing the length to the front. Look for a differential in length of about 3” from back to front.

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    Continue through the top with 1” sections, working on either side of the initial parting, over directing to the initial section.

    Change to thinners or texturizing shears and use a scissor-over-comb technique to visually blend the top to the sides being sure to maintain the slight disconnection.

    Use this technique to also soften the perimeter.

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    Apply a generous amount of AG’s foam and use a vent brush to sculpt the hair in an upward direction up and away from the face. If desired, clip to aid in the sculpting of the waves and/or use a diffuser for gentle drying.

    Finish with AG’s stucco.

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    Products used to create this look:
    foam weightless volumizer
    stucco texturizing paste
    style with substance