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October 19, 2008

Davines “Modernity” Collection

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Davines “Modernity” Collection

Tim Hartley and Kiyo Inoue united to create the latest “Modernity” Collection for Davines.  Returning to the modernist principle of hairdressing, the duo embraced a paired-down geometric principle for an architectural collection of looks.

Using the curve, and architects such as Zaha Haddid as inspiration, a spatial quality and calm presence is created with extended fringes acting as frames. The overall look is a dichotomy of simple yet complex lines combined to create a coherent composition. Diametric to this aesthetic, the voluptuous curves seen in 1950’s glassware from Murano also inspire.

Bone and human body structure had also been explored, informing the extended length, silhouette and shape. Particularly, Belgian fashion designer Martin Margeila, with his exploration into anatomy and its manipulation, can also be seen as a source of key inspiration.

Citing the natural, yet striking monochrome seen in Irving Penn’s photography as a reference, the clear, strong colors dominate; complimenting the simplicity of shape and form whilst enhancing the overall sense of purity.

Photo Credits:
Hair: Tim Hartley & Kiyo Inoue @ Environment for Davines
Color: Rachel Plaskett
Photography: Xander Ferreira
Make-up: Susan Voss-Redfern
Styling: Joe Whitaker
Production: The Inoue Brothers

For more information please visit www.davines.com  

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