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March 22, 2009

Backstage with Sahag Workshop Fall 2009 Fashion Week


Backstage with Sahag Workshop Fall 2009 Fashion Week

Fall Fashion Week in NYC is the hottest ticket in town.  It’s the end-all-be-all inside look at what’s going to be the hottest duds and ‘dos for the upcoming season.  The Sahag Workshop and the Sahag Master Craftsmen created romantic, double-chignons for the models struttin’ down the runway for Hungarian-born designer Kati Stern’s fashion line Venexiana.

Prior to the show, the Sahag Creative Hair Team met with Kati Stern and her talented team of designers to conceptualize the big runway event.  After previewing the line and tapping into Stern’s “vision” for the day, the Sahag Creative Hair team knew the hair needed to be straight, romantic and in proportion to the dresses.  Once the overall vision was presented to the Venexiana team and finalized, the Sahag Creative Hair Team retreated back to the Workshop and went to work on bringing the Venexiana vision to life. 

Since this process takes a significant amount of time and preparation, the Sahag Creative Hair Team began constructing the hairpieces months in advice for the big day.  Being that an official model call had not been conducted, the team—unaware of model hair color and lengths—made various hairpieces using multi-color shades and colorings. 

When the big Venexiana day came to be, the models wore straight bangs and had two romantic chignons attached to their pulled back styles.  The exceptional and trustworthy line of Sahag Haircare products were utilized to keep hair in place, control flyaways and create a brilliant shine just like those “Old Hollywood Inspired” frocks seen on the  Venexiana models.

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