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June 29, 2008

Art + Science Elements: Summer 2008

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Art + Science Elements: Summer 2008

Sometimes our true inspirations come from the elements given to us by Mother Earth.

This latest Collection of looks from the Art + Science Salon in Philadelphia was inspired by the Ayurvedic Elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Infinity, along with the individual models they worked with.

Air – Reminiscent of a cloud, the hair appears to being wisped away towards the sky above.
Fire – The feeling of fire was brought forth by the texture of the hair as it moves in the organic shape of flames.
Water – A fluid chignon creates calmness while the makeup plays off the cool and strong attributes found in water.
Earth – A strong shape evoking the look of sand dunes.
Infinity – Inspired by constellations that no start or stop.

Photo Credits:
Air – Created and styled by Jason Hallman
Water – Created and styled by Laura Werner
Infinity – Created and styled by Ali Blete and Rene Quick
Earth and Fire – Created and styled by Stephen Falvo
Makeup – Rachel Tarbutton and Emily Koller
Photographer – Stephen Falvo

For more information please visit www.artplusscience.com

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