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October 15, 2019

What Would You Do: My Client’s Partner Hates Their Hair

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Help! My Client Loved Her Hair Until Her Significant Other Saw It! 

We know there’s nothing more annoying than your client leaving your chair absolutely ecstatic about her hair only to call you making an appointment to fix it after her boyfriend/husband/mother/best friend said they HATED it! One of our BTC fam is needing some advice in this area after one too many of her clients are coming back with the same excuse. Keep scrolling to find out what you guys had to say!


“Dear BTC, Please help, but don’t publish my name. I think my client follows you! But, can any other stylists help with this? I feel like I go through this with clients a lot more than most, because it seems like either their boyfriend, husband or best friend [hates their hair]! I’m kind of at a loss, because I know technically if they’re happy when they leave then I’m good, but it just makes me feel strange if I leave it and my client isn’t happy or worse…no longer my client! If anyone has suggestions, please share. Thank you.”


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Validate The Client


“I say, ‘Do YOU like it?’ If the answer is yes, then they are just going to have to deal with it.” –@ki_collado


“When clients say this to me, I ask what they don’t like. And when they start saying, ‘Well, my boyfriend, mom, friend, etc…’ I say, ‘Ok, now exactly what do YOU not like?’ Usually they can’t answer. I like people to feel beautiful with new hair, but when they’re pressured to not like something because others don’t I don’t feel ‘obligated’ to fix whatever they don’t like.” –@styles_by_summer


“I always ask people when this comes up what they see. I had a client love her balayage, but came back and said, ‘My coworker says she sees orange.’ I said, ‘And, what do you see?’ She kind of looked at me. Everyone sees colors differently, however what matters is what the client sees.” –@miammiebaby


“Every time one of my clients tells me I don’t know if my boyfriend/husband/friend is going to like it, I always ask, ‘Do you like your hair? Is he going to wake up every morning to do your hair? No, he is not? Then he can’t complain about how you like your hair, because you’re the one doing your own hair.’ He’s not doing your hair so his opinion is not needed. So he can shut up!” –@mr_y_mrs_feliciano


“I tell my girls all the time, ‘How do you know for sure you look amazing? When your husband or boyfriend has something negative say!’ Sometimes I say it in front of their significant other. It’s awkward, but your client will feel like you are backing her choice up! We have to reassure them because their look and their confidence is directly linked to us!” –@fabriciowerner87


“I generally put those clients in a ‘low self-esteem due to being bullied by a narcissist’ category. There may not be much you can do until she knows her worth! Empower her however you can when she comes back.” –@hairbylatasha 


It’s Not Your Problem


“This situation is above my pay grade. Same rules apply as any other redo. My fault? Complain within a week, I’ll fix it for free. Gave you what you asked, but you just don’t like it? I’ll fix it for free if you’ll complain with a week and it’s a quick change like a toner or a shorter cut. Gave you what you asked for and you don’t like it and it’s a big change? You have to pay.” –@haircolorkilla


“Well, that ‘fix’ won’t be free, now will it?!?” –@oh_sabrinaaa


“They have to pay to change it. You gave them what they asked for.” –@createdbychloej


“Yes, this happens a lot. Just say, ‘I have some time to change it, but your boyfriend has to pay for it.’ I did my job, what you asked me to do and you liked it. I can’t give a refund or do over just because someone else does not like it.” –@caatje_pt


“Too bad for them. They liked what you did when they left the salon.” –@stefania.c09


“That’s where I remind clients that I charge extra for couples counseling. 😉”-@peeace_of_cake


“I feel like it’s usually people who don’t know what they want to begin with, so be ready to possibly lose that client and don’t overthink it. At the end of the day you can only offer your best to your clients, but it’s up to them if they choose to stay with you or not. Just keep growing as a professional and your clients will find you and appreciate what you have to offer. Best of luck, love!” –@troyananna


“Tell them you don’t feel comfortable processing their hair again so close to the previous time and say you can make them an appointment for a week or two later. By then I’m sure everyone will be used to it and when you call to confirm their appointment, I doubt they’ll even care anymore.  If they do still want it done, definitely don’t do it for free if you have given them what they asked for.” –@hatch_attack



It’s Just An Excuse


“I think they just use it as an excuse.” –@mrs.mattwildaddy


“I think a lot of people use their husband as an excuse, because they hate it but they don’t want to hurt your feelings.” –@mrs_florence


“I think some clients can’t come out and say they don’t like it, so they place it on someone close enough to them for the dissatisfaction conversation they have with you.” –@mogwaimandyjoy


“It sounds like an excuse, especially if this happens to you a lot. In my opinion, it may be a few things. First, maybe you tend to convince your clients to try new things and you’re very convincing, but once they get home they realize that’s not what they really wanted? But, they love you and don’t want to hurt your feelings. Second, maybe once you style their new haircut it’s great, but once they wash it at home it doesn’t work that well without your styling? These are my guesses, but basically if you feel you hear the same excuses more than others, I would look into your own work first. Kisses!” –@katkat.s


If All Else Fails, Up Your Consultation Game


“If you’re having this problem more often than other stylists in your salon, perhaps you need to think about your communication at consultation. Make sure that you really feel that the person that is getting the big style change is really ready for it and explain to them that if you give them what they asked for they’re going to have to deal with it.” –@veralucilehairdesign